Thursday, 13 July 2017

50 Things To Do This Weekend

The weekend is almost here, and that means it's almost time to rest, relax, and have a little fun after a long week of work. 

If you've yet to fill your weekend with plans and are looking for some ways to spend it, never fear; I've put together a list of 50 fun things to do this weekend to give you a few ideas. 

And here they are...

1. Read a book.
2. Go to the theatre.
3. Visit a museum.
4. Go on a picnic.
5. Take a trip to the seaside.
6. Have a movie marathon.
7. Go to the zoo.
8. Bake some cakes.
9. Go for a long walk.
10. Have a barbecue.
11. Go to the cinema.
12. Make some art.
13. Start a new craft project.
14. Go to the pub.
15. Take a whole bunch of photos.
16. Have a big clear out.
17. Visit an art gallery.
18. Go for a drive and see where you end up.
19. Go out for a meal.
20. Take a tour bus around your nearest big city.
21. Do some art or bullet journaling.
22. Have a duvet day.
23. Make some delicious food from scratch.
24. Do some gardening.
25. Go shopping.
26. Catch a concert or listen to local bands live.
27. Go swimming.
28. Spend an afternoon in the park.
29. Sunbathe in the garden.
30. Start a blog or if you already have one, write and organise your posts for the week ahead.
31. Do some creative writing.
32. Read some magazines.
33. Take your dog(s) for a walk in the countryside.
34. Redecorate a room in your house or do some DIY.
35. Get your make up out and try out some new looks.
36. Go to an aquarium.
37. Visit a theme park.
38. Dye your hair a crazy colour.
39. Learn how to play a new instrument.
40. Go out clubbing.
41. Visit friends or relatives.
42. Go horse riding.
43. Take a bike ride.
44. Get your nails done.
45. Visit somewhere new.
46. Take an impromptu weekend away.
47. Go to a country fair, fete, or farmer's market.
48. Have a spa day.
49. Visit a manor house or stately home.
50. Go out for afternoon tea.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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