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50 Things To Do On Staycation

It's that time of the year when many of us are preparing to jet off on holiday for a well deserved break and some sun, sea, and sand for a week or two. No work, no housework, no responsibilities... just a week or two of fun and relaxation in the sun. Ah, wouldn't that be the life? (Yes, I know I just had a holiday, but it didn't involve much sunshine, sea, or sand, so I can still dream. Haha!)

Of course, for many others, a holiday away isn't always possible because of financial strain, work commitments, illness, a new baby, or any number of other reasons, and it's becoming more and more popular for people to use their time off for a 'staycation', instead. That's a holiday at home to you and me.

If you're taking a staycation this year and you're feeling a little deflated about it; don't be. A staycation can be so much fun! There are plenty of ways you can turn it in to a fantastic, fun-filled holiday without going far from home or even spending a fortune. No, really! I've managed to come up with 50 things to do on staycation, and I've compiled them for you today to give you a few ideas to make your staycation the best one ever! Y'know, 'cause I'm good like that.

These are my 50 things to do on staycation:

1, Switch off from social media, email, and the Internet, and enjoy a break from the drama and stresses of daily life. It'll feel like a holiday in itself.
2. Explore unfamiliar areas of your home town or city on foot.
3. Spend a whole day (or week!) reading a really good book.
4. Take a tour bus around your nearest big city.
5. Go for a swim at an outdoor pool or lido.
6. Throw the ultimate barbecue for family and friends with the tastiest BBQ foods you can get your hands on.
7. Visit a zoo.
8. If you live near the sea, spend a day at the beach.
9. Spend some time relaxing in a local park.
10. Visit a local museum.
11. Treat yourself to special breakfast like pastries, pancakes, or a full English each morning, like you'd do on holiday.
12. Visit a theme park.
13. Explore a local cemetery.
14. Sunbathe in the garden. Just don't forget your sun tan lotion!
15. Spend a night at a local hotel you've always wanted to stay in.
16. Visit and explore some local places and tourist spots you've never been to before.
17. Go on a picnic. Pack the yummiest food, some cold drinks, and a blanket and head for the park, the countryside, or the beach to relax and enjoy it.
18.  Ditch the alarm, and have a lie in every day.
19. Catch a musical or play at the theatre. I'd recommend Phantom of the Opera, Hairspray, Chicago, The Sound of Music, and Sister Act.
20. Go out for dinner at your favourite restaurant or to a restaurant you've always wanted to try.
21. Have a movie marathon day at home in your PJs with cosy blankets and snacks.
22. Go camping, even if it's only in your own back yard.
23. Get creative and spend some of that free time crafting, whether that's painting, sketching, cross-stitching, crocheting, journaling, clothes making, upcycling a piece of furniture, book binding, origami... whatever crafts you most enjoy or have always wanted to try.
24. Visit an art gallery.
25. Take a walk along a river in the sunshine.
26. Have a spa day, or treat yourself to a massage or mani pedi at your local spa or salon.
27. Work your way through every ice cream flavour from your favourite brand or place, whether it's from the supermarket, ice cream van, or local ice cream parlour.
28. Go to a festival or listen to local bands play live.
29. Take a road trip around your county (or further afield), take roads you've never driven on, and see where they lead you.
30. Go to a water park.
31. Go to the cinema and treat yourself to popcorn, ice cream, the works.
32. Live near the sea, a lake, or river? Take a boat excursion, or rent a boat and enjoy the scenery as you glide on by.
33. Go to a concert.
34. Watch a movie in an outdoor park.
35. Visit a local aquarium.
36. Give yourself a break from cooking, and treat yourself to a takeaway or a meal out for tea every day. If you'd rather cook, treat yourself to your favourite meals.
37. Get out in the country and go for a walk or hike.
38. Go strawberry / fruit picking. 
39. Buy a paddling pool and relax in your garden with a deckchair and your feet in the cool water. Who cares if you haven't got kids?!
40. Get an ice cream from the ice cream van.
41. Go on a bike ride.
42. Spend an evening looking up at the stars, and looking out for shooting stars.
43. Get out and about and take lots of photos. Work on improving your photography and photo editing skills.
44. Make cocktails at home complete with tacky umbrellas, or go out for cocktails with the girls.
45. Visit family or friends, and enjoy what their local area has to offer while you're there.
46. Go shopping somewhere new to you and treat yourself to a few things.
47. Go to a country fete or fair.
48. Visit an air show or Armed Forces day event.
49. Spend an evening at the fun fair or carnival.
50. Treat yourself to afternoon tea somewhere special.

Have you got any ideas for the perfect staycation I've not included in my list? Let me know in the comments below!

How would you spend your perfect staycation?

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