Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sunday Favourites #281

It's that time of the week again...

Look how cute this cereal bowl candle DIY from Aww Sam is!

I adore this DIY colourful ombre wall designed by Studio DIY. I so want to recreate it in my bedroom.

A prettified giant version of the popular 'candygram' from The House That Lars Built.

This giant cake slice cake from Aww Sam looks amazing.

I love these DIY cactus oven mitts from A Beautiful Mess.

These DIY pompom and acrylic place cards from Lovely Indeed are too cute.

Oh Happy Day's patriotic flower cupcake toppers are so lovely.

How cool are these DIY frosted cactus cupcakes from Best Friends For Frosting?! 

These colourful embroideries by Elizabeth Pawle are all so beautiful.

I'm loving this rainbow honeycomb arch from Oh Happy Day.

Artist Dogacan Onaran creates the most amazing hand carvings and prints inspired by nature, culinary, travel, and the beauties of life. I'd love to be able to do stuff like this.

This gorgeous peony tattoo by Sasha Unisex.

Artist Anne Marie Price creates mosaics out of beach trash to raise awareness of how much plastic is in the ocean, and the effect it has on animals and the environment.

Speaking of beach trash, Kaylah has used photos of her own beach trash designs, and turned them in to a range of awesome new pouches!

I don't care what this post says, baby aardvarks are the cutest!

Fairytales beautifully painted as mirrors of adulthood by artist Vivien Szaniszlo.

Lovely Links

♥ 1000 dogs suffering in cramped wire cages were rescued from a truck on its way to a slaughter house in China by brave locals and animal rights activists. The photos of the dogs in such awful cramped conditions have broken my heart, so if you're an animal lover and against animal cruelty, be warned the photos are tough to see. Fuck the dog meat trade. Thank God there was a happy ending for these poor puppies.

♥ This programmer was asked to do 40 hours work for free, and his brilliant response went viral. Newsflash, people: exposure does not put food on the table! On Earth we pay people in money.

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  1. I wish I could live in a pastel world, pastel allll the things, it just looks so pretty and calming!!


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