Sunday, 21 May 2017

Sunday Favourites #276

It's that time of the week again, and I've got so many awesome things to share with you this week, so let's get cracking.

I love this hand-painted acrylic whale brooch from Winnifred's Daughter.

How good do these glazed chocolate cake doughnuts from Studio DIY look?!

I need one of Sasha Unisex's beautiful red fox patches.

This piece of body positivity art from Shut Urp makes a valid point.

I need some of these DIY hanging wall terrariums from A Beautiful Mess in my home.

These DIY paper pilea plants by The Apple of My DIY are perfect if you want house plants you can't kill.

I love this DIY crystal and cactus terrarium from A Beautiful Mess. It's so pretty.

Aren't these axolotl pins from Oh Jessica Jessica adorable? They're the next best thing to owning an actual axolotl. I've always wanted one!

This bug print breakfast tray from James Barker Draws is so cool.

This hedgehog tattoo by Lazer Liz is too cute for words.

I know I shared some of  True Fort's embroideries last week, but I just had to show you this beautiful cacti wall party piece. The detail is amazing.

New York based floral designer Lewis Miller has been creating floral arrangements all over Manhattan in a bid to create an emotional response in the gloomy metropolis, and it's wonderful.

Kaylah from The Dainty Squid has been making more awesome beach trash art. I love her rainbow arrangements; who knew trash could look so pretty?!

A puppy mill poodle who had spent her whole life locked in a cage in a basement until the mill was raided by America's humane society, finally gets a happy ending and a forever home. How anybody could look at that face, and treat her so cruelly is beyond me. Low life scum.

This set of affirmation art prints by The Wheat Field are so lovely.

Artist Vivien Szaniszlo portrays the feelings of ballet dance in her paintings to show how important passion is.

Filipino artist Patrick Cabral creates these stunning, intricate paper cut-outs of animals to raise awareness of endangered animals from all over the world. I think the pangolin has to be my favourite.

And this tattoo from Merry Morgan is spectacular.

Sunday Favourites

♥ ASOS backlash for listing UK size 10 as a 'large'. Do they not realise how damaging that can be to young impressionable girls who are constantly made to believe that being 'large' is wrong, and their bodies aren't good enough??

♥ Ian Brady letters: inside the mind of the Moors' murderer. I found this article really fascinating.

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