Friday, 5 May 2017

50 Simple Pleasures I Love

I haven't been up to taking blog photos lately which is making blogging a little tricky, so I thought I'd share another list to break the radio silence, before I attempt to take some photos this afternoon. Today's list is all about those simple pleasures in life that I love. 50 of them, to be exact.

1. Freshly washed bedding straight from the dryer.
2. The feeling of freshly shaved legs against freshly washed sheets.
3. Writing on the first page of a new notebook.
4. Making the first stitch on a new cross stitch project while the aida is still perfectly taut in the embroidery hoop.
5. Listening to the rain drumming on the windows.
6. Reading a good book with no distractions.
7. When both eyelids of eyeliner perfectly match.
8. Listening to my favourite tunes up loud.
9. Hot bubble baths.
10. Reading in the bath.
11. Walking bare foot on grass, sand, and super soft carpets.
12. Puppy cuddles.
13. Playing fetch with Rosie in the garden.
14. Cross stitching from bed while watching a feel-good movie- so relaxing.
15. Getting hand written letters and parcels in the mail- even if they're just things I've bought myself.
16. Making things with my own two hands.
17. Shopping for stationery, art, and craft supplies.
18. Waking up to sunshine streaming through the curtains.
19. Treating myself to a bouquet of fresh flowers.
20. Looking through old photos and reminiscing about the good times.
21. Swatching new paints / pens / eyeshadows / nail polishes before using them.
22. Popping bubble-wrap and inflatable packaging.
23. Cracking icy puddles with my feet in the Winter.
24. Taking a perfect photograph.
25. Shopping for new books.
26. Lie-ins.
27. Waking naturally without an alarm, and feeling well-rested.
28. Watching Little Women.
29. Curling up under cosy blankets.
30. Being out in the countryside.
31. Baking delicious treats in the kitchen.
32. Crunching over frosty grass in the Winter.
33. Painting.
34. Creative writing.
35. Painting my nails.
36. Seeing blossom and magnolia trees everywhere in the Spring.
37. Receiving lovely blog comments, messages, texts, and emails.
38. Being around animals and nature.
39. Netflix marathons.
40. Freshly-washed, silky, shiny hair- especially after a week of having greasy tresses from being in too much pain to shower.
41. Having lovely soft, clean skin after cleansing, toning, and moisturising.
42. Creating colourful eye make up looks.
43. Unpacking new purchases after a shopping trip; taking everything out of its packaging, and having a play with everything before putting it all away.
44. Sipping hot mugs of cocoa on cold days.
45. Spending time by the sea or down by the river- basically being near any body of water makes me happy
46. Earning a voucher after answering a bunch of online surveys all week, and getting to treat myself to something new.
47. Those rare days when I create blog content I'm happy with and proud of.
48. Sunny days.
49. Finding a quirky new brooch to add to my ever-growing collection of oddities.
50. Removing my make up at the end of the day.

What simple pleasures do you love?

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