Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunday Favourites #268

I'm running a little bit late with this week's Sunday Favourites because I haven't been well enough to put it together in advance this week, but, hey, it's still Sunday, so at least I've managed to catch up on the right day for a change! Here are some of the things that have caught my eye this week...

This chocolate-dipped strawberry Neapolitan cake from The Candid Appetite looks amazing.

I love this half-moon planter from Urban Outfitters.

Very photogenic farm animals, snapped by photographer Rob MacInnis.

I want to make A Beautiful Mess' DIY cactus-outline pillow.

One of the awesome London Underground notice boards that popped up after Wednesday's terrorist attack in Westminster. 

I adore these surreal blended photographs from Turkish artist Huseyin Sahin

Scuffles the cat is adorable, and he even has a string of chicken admirers.

This photo of the Swiss Alps by Senna Relax is beautiful.

This stunning piece of artwork is made up of 8 million dots, and took 400 hours for the artist, Xavier Casalta, to create.

Stray cats playing in drainage holes in Japan, as photographed by Japanese photographer Nyan Kichi.

Look how beautiful this book, How To Be A Wallflower by Katie Daisy, is!

I love these Frenchie pins from Cry Wolf, although I can't decide if I prefer the mustard or the grey.

This photograph is amazing! The skeleton, Stickman, is the alter-ego of the photographer, Spooky Pooka, who suffers from Chron's Disease, and it's made entirely from sticks to represent the body's fragility during a flare up. It was also the winner of this year's Wellcome Image Awards, and I can see why.

I'm completely amazed by Justine McKinney aka My Gal The Zombie FX's incredible make up artistry skills. She paints herself in to all kinds of characters, and on average spends between 10-20 hours creating each one. Amazing.

Lovely Links

♥ Hot dudes and their dogs. You're welcome.

♥ This stray dog keeps bringing gifts to a woman that feeds him.

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