Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sunday Favourites #225

Who's up for another round of my Sunday Favourites?

I love this mystical sphinx cat and Siamese fighting fish pins from Clorty Cat Crafts. I've actually kept several Siamese fighting fish as pets over the years, but they're so difficult to keep alive for more than a few months. It's a shame because they're beautiful.

This patch by Darling Distraction makes me chuckle. Cat-callers, beware!

How uplifting are these colourful confetti soaps?!

These DIY pom pom storage boxes are so fun and eye-catching. I'd love to make some for storing my stationery and other random crap I have lying around.

It would never have occurred to me to make a mini bouquet, but after seeing Oh Joy!'s DIY on how to make mini bouquets, I really want to.

These DIY yarn cross stitch tags from Handmade Charlotte are really cute.

I love the look of these pastel fairy lights from Talking Tables.

Take me to Panama- it looks like paradise!

Korean designer Saerom Yoon designs coloured resin tables in pastel-coloured gradients to resemble crystals, and the result is amazing!

I don't care if this troll party is designed as a kids party; this photo is so appealing and inspiring, and the troll cookies are adorable. Troll dolls were the best, weren't they?!

That is one pretty office space.

I would totally make this Valentine's Day cookie cake for someone. It's so my humour.

These pieces of easy sunset wall art are so simple but so pretty. I might have to try this at some point.

I love this rainbow table runner.

This no bake oreo funfetti ice box cake looks delicious.

Beautiful tattoos by Martyna Popiel.

And some seriously gorgeous embroideries from Tessa Perlow Inc.

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  1. I've always wanted a sphinx cat!! I don't think I will have one any time soon so I think I need that badge!


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