Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sunday Favourites #222

It's that time of the week again...

Awesome feminist illustrations from Anonymous artist Ambivalently Yours.

These DIY iridescent favour bags are really cute.

I love these fun DIY avocado buttons.

Giulianna Artisty's make up skills are flawless.

I'm not usually one for bling, but these DIY crystal amethyst book ends are amazing.

I'd love to make some of these DIY rainbow fringe garlands to help brighten up these dreary English Winter days.

This super cheerful embroidery kit.

This DIY for colour block supplies storage is so simple, but so pretty.

This oreo Neapolitan milkshake looks delicious.

These cotton candy doughnuts look so good.

I've fallen in love with these contemporary embroidery kits from Hawthorn Handmade, particularly the adorable little puffin. I may need a couple.

Lovely  (or not so lovely because many of them involve the words Donald Trump this week) Links

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Thanks for reading! Have a good one.


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