Monday, 12 December 2016

50 Things I Love About Christmas

Sorry it's been so dull around these parts lately. I have so many fun Christmas posts planned, but it's been so dark and dreary here over the last couple of weeks that I've not been able to take the photos I need to blog them. (I don't have blog lights or a decent camera, but I think I need to look in to getting them in 2017, so I can blog more).

I'm hoping to bring you a Christmas home tour, reviews of a couple of Christmas colouring books, a peek at what's in my Christmas Eve box, a post about what I put in this year's Christmas crackers and table favours, and more, in the run up to Christmas, so hopefully they'll be some decent daylight in the next couple of days so I can bring them all to you. Fingers crossed!

For now, I thought I'd blog a quick list because, well... I just like writing them. These are 50 things I love about the festive season.

1.  The pretty decorations. Baubles, ornaments, trees, garlands, wreaths... I love them all.
2. Seeing fairy lights and Christmas lights everywhere I turn. Fairy lights make everything better. Fact!
3. Giving presents to the people I care about, and seeing them smile when I've got it right.
4. Spending quality time with my family and friends.
5. Listening to all of those epic Christmas tunes. 
6. Watching my favourite Christmas movies for the 100th time.
7. Sitting down to a delicious Christmas turkey dinner with the family on Christmas Day.
8. Making my own Christmas crackers. (Well, using a kit from Hobbycraft).
9. Getting to enjoy lots of delicious Christmas food.
10. Decorating the house for Christmas with my family.
11. Finding old Christmas decorations from my childhood, and feeling all nostalgic.
12. Having a good excuse to drink hot chocolate.
13. Getting to wear velvet, lace, glitter, and sequins unapologetically .
14. Wearing glitter nail polishes all month.
15. The way Christmas puts most people in to a happy, friendly mood.
16. That it gets people thinking about others and giving to those less fortunate than ourselves.
17. Blogging about it all! I love creating Christmas content and blogging about my Christmas, and I love reading Christmas posts on other blogs, too.
18. Going to see the Christmas lights being turned on, and enjoying the street fairs.
19. Hearing brass bands playing carols.
20. Spending free time crafting on cold, dark Winter evenings.
21. Wearing Christmas jumpers like a boss.
22. Enjoying turkey sandwiches. Well, until they start losing their appeal two or three days after Christmas, anyway.
23. Having something lovely to make the short, dark, cold Winter months more bearable.
24. The arrival of all of those awesome beauty sets and make up palettes that fill the shops this time of year.
25. Spending a day or two wrapping up presents as beautifully as I can, usually embellished with ribbons, and sleigh bells.
26. Getting to put my visual merchandising skills to good use when decorating the house for Christmas.
27. Making (and eating!) my blackberry and apple trifle.
28. That it's just about acceptable to eat leftover cake for breakfast on Boxing Day. Just.
29. Working on Christmas cross stitches in the lead up to Christmas Day.
30. Watching Christmas craft and cookery programmes, especially Kirstie's Handmade Christmas.
31. Making table favours to give to my family during Christmas Day dinner.
32. Getting daily surprises from beauty Advent calendars- it's like Christmas every day!
33. Dawdling around Christmas markets, and stumbling upon all kinds of interesting goodies.
34. Soaking up the festive atmosphere (on those rare days I get out of the house).
35. Treating myself to Christmas Yankee Candles, and lighting them every evening in December.
36. Driving around to spot Christmas lights.
37. Watching Santa Claus The Movie, Home Alone (1 & 2), The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Family Stone, Little Women, Christmas With The Kranks, Deck The Halls, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, Meet Me In St. Louis, The Holiday, The Snowman, and so many other awesome festive flicks.
38. The smell of the turkey and my Mum's sage and onion stuffing roasting in the oven on Christmas morning.
39. Having so many beautiful dresses to choose from for party season.
40. Going late night Christmas shopping, just for the atmosphere.
41. Playing boards games on Christmas Day, and kicking someone's arse at Monopoly.
42. Curling up in bed with a good festive-themed book at the end of a busy day of Christmasing.
43. Spending Christmas Eve baking up a storm in the kitchen.
44. Watching Christmas TV specials- especially classic Vicar of Dibley episodes!
45. Getting to catch up with people I've not seen since last Christmas.
46. The smell of real Christmas trees.
47.The return of Lush's amazing Christmas collections... and their Boxing day sales!
48. Remembering that Christmas Eve / Christmas morning excitement from childhood days when Christmas with soooo magical.
49. Getting in to the Christmas spirit by cosying up in Christmas PJs, socks, slippers, blankets, and bedding.
50. Making lots of happy new Christmas memories each year.

What do you love or enjoy doing most during the festive season?


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