Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sunday Favourites #208

It's that time of the week again...

I love Jemma's colourful desk space! It's so uplifting and inspiring.

This rainbow DIY taper candle holder looks amazing! I think I need to make one.

I'm loving these DIY typography bud vases.

This DIY breakfast tray would be perfect for lazy bed rest days.

These DIY gemstone soaps are so pretty.

This enamel bunny pin is so cute.

I'm loving these marbled indigo pumpkins.

I don't have a cat, but I wish I did so I could dress it up in awesome outfits like these from Sphynx Cat Clothes.

I adore these Halloween temporary tattoos from Sasha Unisex.

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  1. Ohh! The cat clothes! Off to check them out now. My boy tonka loves his clothing! He hates the cold and he either tries to get into my clothes or goes and pulls out his jumper from where its kept!


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