Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wednesday Wish List

This week I've got my beady little eyes on...

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It's not often I get excited about a piece of knitwear, but these cardis and sweaters from Lindy Bop are adorable. I love the red, white, and mustard colour palette, and the scalloped floral detail on the cardigans looks so pretty.

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Lindy Bop have also just released the most amazing collection of dresses and skirts. Just look at how pretty these two beauties are! I need that Daniella black swan skirt in my life.

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I'm in love with so many of Lindy Bop's new dresses; they're all stunning! The Delta black swan and Carnaby Street border swing dresses (#1 and #3) are particularly beautiful, and I'm dying to add them to my collection. I mean, just look at them; they're perfect! It seems they've already sold out since landing late last week, but I'm hoping they'll be restocked soon.

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I'm loving the latest selection of Lyra dresses from Lady Vintage. The colour palette is gorgeous.

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One of my favourite things about Autumn is getting to wear cosy knit hats, scarves, and gloves again, and even though it's not quite cold enough for them yet, I already have my eye on these pieces from Accessorize. I'm loving all of their beanie pom hats, particularly the tan, and the Felicity fox capped gloves are adorable.

I want this orange dot pumpkin swing skirt from Unique Vintage to wear this Halloween! It's so fun.

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These two dresses from River Island Plus and ASOS Curve are gorgeous. That red dress is stunning!

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These Cactus print PJs, and My Little Pony nightie from ASOS Curve are so cute.

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I love the shape of these metallic scallop clutch bags from ASOS. I especially like the lilac one.

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These are way out of my budget, but I'm a little bit smitten with these two quilted bags from Love Moschino.

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And last but not least, I quite like these chunky lace up shoes from ASOS, especially the blue.

If you'd like to see more of the pieces that catch my eye each week, check out my style wish list boards on Pinterest.

What's on your wish list this week?

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  1. I really like the Carnaby Street border-print dress-it is lovely. Am TRYING to be disciplined with buying clothes as I just have no room for any more clothes. Brooches are a different matter-always room for those!


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