Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday Favourites #199

Here's a new batch of my Sunday Favourites to (hopefully) brighten up your Sunday.

If I had my own office, I'd definitely make a Flair Chair like this one from Studio DIY. Doesn't it look awesome?!

This funfetti chocolate chip ice cream sandwich milkshake recipe from Aww, Sam looks ah-mazing.

I love these 'confetti grilled cheese' photos from The Confetti Bar. What a creative way to promote confetti!

I enjoy putting together gifts and packages for my friends and family, so I love these three care package ideas for gal pals from Studio DIY.

How cute is this DIY unicorn tote bag from Damask Love?!

These DIY mini plaster planters from Paper & Stitch look so pretty.

These cookie dough cupcakes from Sprinkles For Breakfast look delicious.

This DIY desk organiser from Lovely Indeed looks lovely, indeed.

Just look at all of these adorable baby animals!

This make up look is stunning.

Triple chocolate eclairs?? Get in my belly now! It's times like these that I wish I wasn't in tolerant to cream.

And these beautiful fairytale photos by Ukrainian photographer Iryna Dzhul, starring famous Ukrainian celebrities.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ The struggle between teaching strangers about my condition and wanting privacy.

♥ When chronic pain forces me to confront my childhood fear.

♥ Chronic pain: I felt judged for having a bag full of medicine.

♥ It's not okay to compare my pain to 'someone who has it worse'.

♥ What it feels like to have an invisible illness.

♥ How to have a productive day living with chronic illness.

♥ Explaining my life to the stranger who will decide if I'm 'disabled enough'.

♥ The puppy rescuers of Alexandria.

♥ A gay couple were taken aside by a Sainsbury's security guard for 'inappropriate behaviour' after another customer made a complaint because they were holding hands! And apparently offering a £10 voucher as an apology was considered a suitable apology by the supermarket...

♥ I adore Melody's red and yellow gingham ensemble. A girl after my own heart.

♥ Attention bloggers! Are any of you guys still using Passionfruit Ads? You might want to read this post by Mandy.

♥ If you struggle with the Summer heat, you need to read Chasitity's brilliant 8 tips on how to beat the summer heat.

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Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, so much beauty and colour, I love how you put your posts together, so full of life. I adore that chair, I'd love an office chair like that and I adore that desk organiser. I NEED some of those triple chocolate eclairs now and those cute little animals are adorable, such a lovely post. XxxX

  2. I want to eat all of the food things in this post! I also want to get one of those narwhal tattoos - so beautiful x

  3. The fairytale pictures are so beautiful, especially Ariel! I want to eat those sprinkles things!!!

  4. Zomg, those baby animals photos just made my ovaries explode from cuteness!


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