Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wednesday Wish List

So, who's been enjoying the mini heat wave this week?

If I said I have / am, I'd be lying. It was 35 degrees here yesterday, and it was like hell on Earth. My house was like a furnace, and I got so hot and over-heated that I felt sick the entire day and like I was going to pass out. I couldn't even go live in the shower or lounge around in my underwear until the evening as I had to wait around for a delivery all day and look after the pup. It was horrible. Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine, but I just don't cope with the heat very well. I'm always over-heated because of chronic pain, so when it's a million degrees I just end up feeling super sick and uncomfortable; I'm best suited to the cold. I really feel for all of you who had to work all day in that heat without air-conditioning! How the hell do you guys in tropical climates cope with the heat for months on end?? I don't think I could do it! 

It's thankfully a little bit cooler today, and there's a nice breeze coming through the patio doors as I type, so I don't feel so uncomfortable... yet. I can actually bare to turn on the laptop, which I couldn't do yesterday, so I've found time to put together this week's wish list. I haven't spent as much time online due to the heat, so I haven't done a lot of nosing around online this week, and I've only really been lusting after Lady Vintage's gorgeous new dresses, so this week's wish list is dedicated solely to Lady V. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I love these new tropical-print Isabella dresses, especially the kingfisher and flamingo print designs. The sweetheart neckline, capped sleeves, and flared skirts are a cute combination, and the best part is they cater to sizes 8 to 28/30!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Normally, I'd rejoice at finding a beautiful collection of dresses with sleeves, but the thought of sleeves in this heat is almost too much to bare. However, the Maria dresses are gorgeous and I can see myself wearing them to death when the sun turns its thermostat down again. The 'violet rose & grey leaf print' (#1) is my favourite. They come in sizes 16 to 30/32.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

With their cute short sleeves and big flared skirts, the Estella dresses look much better suited to wearing in the Summer sun or during any weather, really. I love the shape of these frocks, and the cross-over detail over the bust. These dresses are available in sizes 16 to 30/32.

To see more pieces on my wish list each week, check out my style wish list boards on Pinterest.

What's on your wish list this week?


  1. LOVE that macaw print!

  2. I do like Lady V- the flamingo one particularly. There were awful train delays coming home on Tuesday and it was that boiling day. When the train eventually arrived, it was absolutely rammed and most of the train were like sardines and about to pass out. It was SOO hot inside. I roasted during my time on the train. Then the next one was delayed so it also was really full when my second train came. I counted my lucky stars that my classroom is airconditioned which most aren't!

  3. I'm with you on the heat, our last summer was very LONG and HOT! Everyone was like "wow this is great" and I was like - KILL ME!! Ha!! I really like to style of the last dress with the cross over bodice :)


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