Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sunday Favourites #189

Another week, another batch of my Sunday Favourites...

How cute are these crochet cacti from Sass and Belle? The DIY paper cacti are sweet, too.

These DIY donut ice cream bowls look amazing.

This Pocky pina colada ice cream recipe sounds delicious, and I'm loving the printable ice cream cone wrappers, too.

This DIY donut kaftan is so fun.

A dalmatian puppy covered in paint? Squee!

I'm blown away by Jazmina Daniel's incredible lip art skills. They're all works of art; just look at all that detail and perfect blending!

These colourful shoes from Y.R.U Rainbow Cherii are amazing.


These printable toucan gift boxes are super cute.

I love this ice cream cone gift wrap.

Look how cute these DIY donut stools are!

This mountain tattoo is beautiful.

The orphaned raccoon that thinks she's a dog. Gotta love an odd-couple.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Amanda and Katie look amazing in their Freshly Squeezed fruit skirts. I need!

♥ Jes' pink unicorn dress is all kinds of awesome.

♥ I adore Kaylah's photos of her Dad's fox cubs.

♥ Paige shared her helpful tips on how to prevent travel anxiety.

♥ Sammi looks stunning in a cobalt blue beach-print frock from Emily and Fin.

♥ One man's year-long quest to uncover the identity of 'Ugly Naked Guy' from Friends.

♥ When you need to take care of someone, but don't have any 'spoons'. Taking care of a spouse while sick with a chronic disease.

♥ 18 memes that nail what it's like to live with chronic illness.

♥ Teen reveals what it was like to have both leg muscles and large intestine removed due to Chron's Disease. So inspiring.

♥ A single Dad left a massive tip for a waitress while he was out to dinner with his kids. The reason why gave me all the feels. Someone get this man a medal.

♥ How cool is this graffiti hair trend?!

♥ Facebook appears to think that a horse picture from a children's book is p*rn, and won't let people share it. I have to agree, it does look rather dodgy. And now it cannot be unseen.

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Thanks for reading.

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  1. That horse image is hilarious, or we all just have dirty minds.


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