Monday, 13 June 2016

50 Things To Do This Summer

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and there's the delicious scent of barbecue smoke in the air. It can only mean one thing- Summer is finally here! 

We never know how long the sunshine and scorching hot days will last in the UK- it could be three weeks, it could be three hours- so we Brits tend to make the most of every slither of sunshine while we can. 

I love to fill my free time with as much Summer fun as possible between June and September, to make each Summer the best one yet. Trips to the beach, days out to London, barbecues with the family, lazing in the sunshine with a good book... there are so many great ways to fill the long Summer days without having to jet off on expensive holidays or even spend any money. If you're stuck for ideas for how to spend your free time this Summer, never fear. I've compiled a list of my 50 things to do this Summer to give you a little inspiration and I'm here to share it with you today! Let's get started...

1, Spend a day at the beach.
2. Go body-boarding or surfing in the sea.
3. Build a sand castle- complete with moats and flags, of course.
4. Go on a picnic. Pack lots of delicious food, head for somewhere scenic, and enjoy lazing in the sunshine with your family or friends.
5. Have a big family barbecue.
6. Take a walk along a river. Go for a dip in it if you're brave enough, and it's safe to do so.
7. Go for a walk in the countryside.
8. Take photos in a meadow of flowers.
9. Go to a festival or outdoor concert.
10. Visit an aquarium.
11, Take a tour bus around a big city.
12. Spend an entire day reading. Out in the sunshine or indoors in a comfy seat; it's your call; just get lost in a good book and don't come up for air until fourteen hours later, when you realise it's dark and you've not eaten all day. Repeat as many times as you can.
13. Visit a theme park.
14. Go strawberry picking.
15. Spend a night stargazing, and watch for shooting stars. If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, watch out for the Perseids meteor shower, which occurs every year between July 17th to August 24th, usually peaking around August 9th-13th. (Yes, I had to Google the dates!) I  usually manage to spot at least a dozen in an hour or so, around 11pm-12am, from my back garden in Oxfordshire, and seeing one streak across the night sky is always magical.

16. Visit a museum or two. (I recommend The Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museums in Oxford, and The Natural History and Imperial War Museums in London).
17. Watch a movie at a park on a hot Summer evening.
18. Go swimming, ideally at an outdoor pool or water park.
19. Eat fish and chips at the seaside.
20. Try every flavour of ice cream from an ice cream parlour, vendor, or brand before the Summer is through. Or for something a little more adult, work your way through every cocktail or cider on a bar menu before your holiday is over.
21, Go to the zoo. (Whipsnade Wild Animal Park and The Cotswold Wildlife Park are my favourites to visit in England).
22. Take a road trip. `
23. Visit somewhere new.  You don't have to pack your bags and head off on holiday somewhere far away; you could take a day trip, or even explore unfamiliar places in your home town.
24. Make a daisy-chain.
25. Go to an art gallery.
26. Go see a play or musical at the theatre.
27. Go on a bike ride.
28. Go horse-riding.
29. Spend a few hours relaxing and enjoying the sunshine in a city park.
30. Get an ice cream from an ice cream van. I'll take a 99 with chocolate sauce and hazelnuts, please!

31. Take a boat trip. There are all kinds of excursions for spotting sea creatures, seeing beautiful scenery and getting up close to iconic landmarks,  all around the world. Of course, you could just enjoy being on the open sea, go on a cruise, or take a ferry instead of travelling by air.
32. Take a walking tour around a city, or explore one on foot yourself.
33. Have a water pistol or water balloon fight. Who says kids should have all the fun?!
34. Watch the sunset or sunrise somewhere pretty.
35. Go to a fun fair.
36. Eat some candy floss.
37. Go camping. (Or glamping if roughing it for a few days really isn't your thing).
38. Explore rock pools and / or caves at the beach.
39. Play crazy / mini golf.
40. Take a random drive in the countryside on a sunny day, with the windows down and your favourite Summer tunes blasting from the speakers.

41. Have a paddle in the sea.
42. Watch multiple films at the cinema in one day.
43. Make some killer Summer playlists to soundtrack your Summer fun.
44. Run through a water feature.
45. Spend a couple of hours having fun at an amusements arcade.
46. Visit a farmer's market and buy lots of delicious fresh food, which you could then take on a picnic.
47. Treat yourself to a pedicure or two to keep your feet looking pretty for sandal season.
48. Toast marshmallows or s'mores over an open fire.
49. Sunbathe in the garden.
50. Create a scrapbook full of snippets, photos, and mementos from all of the fun times you've had over the Summer.

What are your favourite things to do during the Summer? Are there things I've missed off the list that you think should be on it? Let me know in the comments below!


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