Sunday, 15 May 2016

Sunday Favourites #186

These are some of my favourites this week...

I want to make some rainbow swirl ice cream!

I love these DIY letter cork-boards, and the pin collection looks awesome, too.

How cool is this tie-dye cheesecake?!

These art prints from Kirbee Lawler are so beautiful.

This chocolate Nutella roll cake looks delicious! I love the look of the rhubarb strawberry cake, too.

These hand-crafted sugar cookies look amazing. They're all vegan friendly, too!

Another pretty tattoo from Martyna Popiel.

This week the critically-endangered Sumatran rhino population rose by one, after the birth of this precious rhino calf.  It's heart breaking that there are just a hundred of these rhinos left on the planet, and that it's likely too late to save them from extinction.

NOT a favourite, but something that filled me with shock, rage, and disgust... There are vendors in China that sell 'living keychains'. Small animals like turtles, salamanders, fish, and frogs are sealed in small plastic bubbles, often filled with colourful dye and beads, and sold as souvenirs to tourists. The animals are unable to move and will suffocate as soon as their limited oxygen supply runs out- which is a few days at most. They're basically living coffins. Anybody stupid enough to buy one of these key chains in the first place isn't going to free the animal before it suffocates, and the majority die. Can you imagine how distressed these poor animals must be? How would these people feel if they were thrown in a transparent coffin alive and well, trapped inside, and carried around like a toy until they died from suffocation, only to get dumped in the trash without a second thought or an ounce of remorse? I doubt they'd be on board with it. Seriously, people, if you want a pet on a key chain, get a fucking Tamagotchi! Animals aren't toys, and shouldn't have to suffer for five minutes of entertainment. 

True story.

I love this pretty cactus terrarium water colour.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Trees blogged a really fascinating post about her trip to a Chinese cemetery in Manila

♥ I also enjoyed Kaylah's post about her visit to Greenlawn Cemetery.

♥ 17 struggles of being a pale girl in the summer. I'm already one giant freckle before Summer even starts!

♥ This incredible mile long xylophone plays Bach when you roll a ball down it! That tune still reminds me of primary school assemblies.

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  1. Thanks for featuring me again pretty lady! I love all the cute food this week, especially the tie dye cheesecake - it looks amazing xo

  2. That Chinese key ring idea is sick! What an utterly abhorant thing to do. Imagine if we did that with human babies. What can we do to protest against it???

    Trees is so cool! I love reading her blog! It's nice you highlight her interesting blog!

  3. That tie-dye cheesecake is amazing and I adore that Nutella cake, I wish I could nab a piece! All those cookies look irresistible and I love the multi-coloured ice cream and those super cute gift tags! I love your posts, they're so full of colour, definite new follower here, so glad I found you just by chance! XxxX


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