Sunday, 10 April 2016

Sunday Favourites #181

These are some of my favourites from the past seven days...

These mini layer cakes are adorable.

Impressive origami art by Anna Trundle.

This alpaca print is so cute.

Until he was killed by poachers, Romeo the (wild) wolf liked to play and interact with dogs and their owners in Juneau!

I love these embroidered collars and hoop art by Bao Bap Handmade.

Ripley the pet toucan likes to be cradled like a baby by his owners!

Char blogged about her beautiful Alice in Wonderland shoes, and now I want them even more.

Louise's Lovely Links

 Vicky explains why there's nothing grand about the Grand National. Did you know 1378 horses have died in UK horse-racing in the last nine years??

 I love Laura's post about starting your own scrapbook journal and her post showing some of the pages from her own.

 These cute and quirky matchbox love notes are adorable.

 Dog lover vs. dog parent. Yep! So accurate.

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Thanks for reading!


  1. That cat undercut is amazing! So colourful. xx

  2. Lovely collection as always! And thanks for the mention :)

  3. That cat undercut is amazing! I love the tiny terrariums too!


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