Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday Favourites #176

How is it time for another one of these posts already?

I love these embroideries from Sarah K Benning.

These artist's palette and paintbrush cookies are so creative.

Amazing make up- especially the lippy.

I love all of these stunning tattoos from Martyna Popiel.

I'm in love with the hair and eye make up in this photo series by Karla Powell.

Coby the cat has the most gorgeous pair of black-winged baby blues. So jealous!

Have you heard of the Turn It Around Project yet? Men and women write their innermost fears, insecurities, or negative thoughts on one side of their bodies, with a positive affirmation about that thought on the other. It's designed to help people change their perspectives on their bodies, and I personally find it so inspiring. You can see more photos from the project here and on Instagram.

This adorable rescued otter loves snuggling with soft toys- and then drowning them.

British artist Lucy Sparrow has transformed a corner shop in East London in to a thriving felt market! Every single product in her shop is made from felt, even the till! Amazing! Felt Calippo, anyone?

Who knew Canada was so beautiful? I'd love to visit this place (Moraine Lake at Banff National Park) one day.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Mandy wrote a helpful post about how she edits her Instagram photos.

♥ I loved Kaylah's photos from Mound View Cemetery, and the Knox County Poorhouse.

♥ Becky's post about her visit to the Southern Cemetery in Manchester was fascinating.

♥ The lovely Hannah has just opened an illustration shop on Etsy, where you can buy prints and postcards of her beautiful work. She's super-talented, so go check it out! (FYI, she created the amazing illustration of me higher up on the right side bar).

♥ Bee wrote a great post about how to organise your reading in 2016.

♥ Trees went lavender-picking in New Zealand and her photos are drop dead gorgeous.

♥ I have to ride this Mountain Coaster in Switzerland one day! I'd never get off it again. Amazing!

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Thanks for reading! Have a great day. 


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  1. Thanks for the shout out lady! That corner store from felt looks amazing - those softies are so detailed too! I love that baby otter - so CUTE!


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