Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sunday Favourites #175

It's that time of the week again...

I love these colourful fruit-themed prints by Christopher Dina.

Amazing colourful make up from Karla Powell.

Amanda's yellow gingham dress is perfect. I need some yellow gingham in my life.

I'm unlikely to ever win any of these 19 small awards anyone with anxiety deserves to receive. If I ever return a phone call, or don't over-think something for decades, I might just die of shock! Haha!

This leap year cake from Lovely Indeed looks so good I want to make one, too.

Juniper the fox is adorable. Why can't I have one?? (Apart from the fact it's illegal to keep foxes as pets in England).

This wrinkly bulldog puppy is so cute!

I love these sweet illustrated prints by Kathryn Selbert, especially the hedgehog / hot cross buns design. How cute?

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Jes wrote a brilliant, informative post on why we love to mock, laugh at, and hate on fat bodies.

♥ Vicky wrote a fantastic piece about being stereotyped as the funny fat friend.

♥ Jemma wrote a thought-provoking post on the power of blogging and social media. I also loved her post about making your blog photos stand out.

♥ I loved reading about Kaylah's trip to the long neglected Mount Moriah Cemetery. Her photos are beautiful.

♥ Mandy shared her 30 prop ideas for blog photos.

♥ Natalie wrote a really interesting post on how to make your own eco-friendly cloth sanitary pads. (Sorry if that's TMI, guys!)

♥ Gemma's flamingo-heeled shoes are the thing of dreams.

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Thanks for reading! Have a good one.


  1. I love the sloths and shaved ice, also that cake looks so delicious!

    1. Who doesn't love sloths and shaved ice? Awesome combination! xx

  2. Oh man, how adorable are foxes!? You can keep them as pets in NSW, but not in Victoria as they are pests here, in fact when I first moved to Melbourne was the first time I ever saw one in the wild.

    1. They really are adorable. A lot of people consider them pests here, too, and they used to get hunted by hounds (and arseholes on horseback) a lot here until it was banned a few years ago. I don't miss driving past hunts. I get that foxes can be a pest to farmers, but hunting still sickens me. I love seeing them in the wild, behaving naturally, like foxes should. xx

  3. I love the illustrations this week! xx

    1. I had a feeling you would! xx


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