Friday, 19 February 2016

Love Hearts and Scarlet Kisses

On Valentine's Day, I decided to gather up all of the love, heart, and lip shaped belongings I could find, and turned them in to one big visual collage. I had hoped to do this in time for a Valentine's Day post, but life got in the way, so I only managed to share a photo on Instagram before the day was through.

Still, I was really pleased with how my little display came together and how my photos turned out, so I'm blogging about them anyway. It seemed stupid to let the photos and two hours work go to waste just because Valentine's Day has been and gone for another year. Love hearts and red lips are for life, not just for V-Day! 

I'm ever so slightly addicted to all things kitsch and novelty, so I own heaps of hearts and lip print / shaped stuff, and enjoy using many of them on a regular basis. I didn't realise quite how much I had until I brought it all together- and this is only the stuff I had lying around in my bedroom! I know I have more dotted around, including some heart-shaped kitchenware, and a couple of heart-motif jumpers, but I stuck with this lot because I had more than enough to complete my photos.

There are 37 different things included in these photos, and 54 pieces in total, There's a mix of clothes, bags, cases, jewellery, hair accessories, stationery, make up, a bowl, a tea light holder, and even a string of heart-shaped fairy lights. Unfortunately, almost everything is old and no longer available to buy, but I've made a list of everything in these photos below, and linked back to the ones that are.

1. A navy heart and polka dot print dress from Dorothy Perkins.
2. My lovely sky-blue, lip-print Hepburn swing dress from Lady Vintage.
3. A string of red polka dot heart fairy lights from Aldi. I bought them recently for just £2.99!!
4. A large heart print travel case from Cath Kidston.
5. A navy and red lip print dress from F&F at Tesco.
6. A white tea light holder with a heart cut out.
7. A red resin rose bracelet from Cath Kidston.
8. A set of cream hair grips with red hearts from Accessorize.
9. A quilted black heart-shaped cross-body bag from Topshop. (Similar in pink).
10. An old Paperchase postcard featuring two penguins with a love heart above their heads.
11. A Project Life card that says 'love you'.
12. Two black heart hair clips from God knows where. I've had them for years.
13. A white heart-shaped bowl from Morrisons.
14. Two Project Life cards.
15. Barry M Bright Red nail polish. (My favourite nail polish ever!)
16. Two red rose hair clips from Cath Kidston.
17. Lush Emotional Brilliance Lip Stick in Decisive.
18. A gingham bow hair clips with a red heart in the centre.
19. A red heart ring from ASOS.
20. A pink friendship bracelet made up of hearts.
21. A red lip-shaped clutch bag with vampire teeth from ASOS, which is literally the best bag ever!
22. A red flower ring from Evans, with heart shaped petals.
23. Two Accessorize heart hair grips.
24. A red Bourjois Color Boost lip crayon in Red Island.
25. The most adorable penguin necklace from Punky Pins.
26. A jewellery wrap with mother-of-pearl hearts on the front that I've had for about a decade.
27. A heart print travel wallet from Cath Kidston.
28. A heart-print barrel bag from Zatchels.
29. Cath Kidston heart print make up bag.
30. A pink notebook from Paperchase with a romantic Parisian design on the cover.
31. My favourite black heart-print dress from Alice & You.
32. A red polka dot hair clip from Cath Kidston. (I think it was from the kids range).
33. A red resin rose brooch from Cath Kidston.
34. Another red heart print travel case from, you've guessed it, Cath Kidston!
35. A sheet of blue heart-print paper.
36, A notebook from Sainsbury's with a red heart-print cover saying 'notes and nice things'.
37. And finally, a navy and red heart-print fit and flare pinafore dress from Dorothy Perkins.

And that's everything you can see in these photos.

I really enjoyed putting this post together from start to finish, so I might just have to do more posts like this from time to time. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Are you a fan of heart and lip-shaped things? Do you have a collection to rival mine?



  1. Very cute collection!My favourite thing is the penguins!

    1. Thank you! :) The penguin necklace is one of my faves, too. xx

  2. I do love a good heart print, but I have nowhere near your collection. I love the Zatchels bag, knew what it was straight away!

    1. You can't beat a good heart print! It's such a shame that Zatchels discontinued the heart print bags; they were amazing. Wish I had managed to buy a heart print satchel before they went. xx


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