Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday Wish List

These are some of the pieces on my wish list this week...

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1. I love the mid-century style, cocktail-glass print Audrey dress from Lindy Bop. 
2. This kangaroo and joey brooch from Erstwilder is one of the cutest brooches I've ever seen.
3. I need this red telephone-box bag from Accessorize, and I need it now! (Though, sadly, it will have to be later).
4. This red rose print 'Evelana' dress from Lindy Bop is stunning.
5. A possum brooch? Now I've seen everything!
6. I'm in love with these Cheshire Cat Vans. In fact, the entire Disney Vans collection is perfect.
7. This navy knitted cardi looks so cosy.
8. 101 Dalmatians print Vans!
9. I'm not convinced I could pull this off, but the paisley print 70s kimono maxi dress from ASOS Curve is so beautiful.
10. I love this red tartan circle skirt from Lindy Bop. I just love tartan, period.
11. I don't usually like fish tail dresses / skirts, but this navy blue velvet maxi from Scarlett & Jo is absolutely gorgeous.
12. This green studded cross body bag from Topshop would be perfect for the festive season.
13. This Erstwilder brooch would look great with my brown polka dot swing dress.
14. Way out of my budget, but this leather rucksack from Lost Property Of London is a beauty.
15. I adore this colourful tartan print Evelana dress from, you've guessed it, Lindy B. It would make a great Christmas dress.
16. The red knitted jumper looks so festive. I think it would be a great piece for embracing the Christmas jumper trend if you don't want to go for anything too tacky or OTT.
17. A sweet polka dot owl brooch from Erstwilder.
18. I love these purple mermaid-print PJs from ASOS Curve.
19. This unicorn necklace is awesome.
20. Guys, there is actually a necklace with  a sausage-dog-in-a-hot-dog-bun pendent! Yes, really!
21. I'm loving this green alpine-print swing skirt, which is yet another piece from LB.
22. This blue velvet bodycon midi dress is beautiful. Perfect for the Christmas party.
23. A cute pair of unicorn studs.
24. A pink echidna brooch!!
25. I don't need a new pair of slippers, but I love these colourful fairisle ones from Accessorize. 
26. And last but not least, I adore this 2-D illustration style backpack from Jump From Paper. Isn't the design amazing?

If you'd like to see more of the clothes and accessories I'm coveting each week, check out my style boards on Pinterest. I have several I pin to as and when I find new pieces that catch my eye.

What's on your wish list this week?



  1. I do love 'Jump out of paper' bags-I have a satchel one and they really do look surreal!!
    I've also been tempted by that swing-dancing brooch for when I go swing dancing -I also own a brown polka dot dress
    Lindybop are really impressing me lately with their dresses-so many gorgeous ones!!!

    How are you? Are you any better recently? you hadn't mentioned it or updated us on the recent situation so I thought I would ask.

    P.S. my current blog post is some cute brooches I've worn, if the proverbial 'some time' happened to be today that wanted to come and say hi at all!

  2. Gosh, I love just about everything from Lindy Bop lately. That alpine print, the dress and the skirt, are up there on my wishlist!

  3. I am in love with the velvet s&j dresses! I also love the telephone box bag x

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl


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