Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Wednesday Wish List

Here are some of the gorgeous pieces that I've been coveting this week.

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1. Pretty pastel Barbie Doll earrings!
2. The colour of this long sleeved Lyra dress from Lady Vintage is perfect.
3. This camel brooch from Erstwilder is so cute.
4. Who doesn't need a bespectacled lobster brooch with a moustache?
5. This burgundy thigh-split maxi from Boohoo is stunning.
6. I NEED this Elf tee! I don't think any explanation is needed; I just need it!
7. A pastel-coloured Barbie Doll necklace! Yes, I'm thirty- what of it?
8. I love the floral print and the gorgeous shades of blue and teal that make up this Lady V dress.
9. This Meow At Midnight cobalt blue cat brooch would fit in perfectly with my brooch collection.
10. I bloody love this rocket bag from Accessorize. Novelty bags just keep on getting better, don't they?
11. Oh, I come from a land, of a faraway place where the caravan camels roam...
12. I need a purple, floral sleeping fox brooch in my life.
13. The Harlow teal dress from Lindy Bop is absolutely stunning. 
14. I love this burgundy suedette satchel from River Island.
15. This red and black Harlow dress would be perfect for the Christmas party season.
16. Erstwilder actually make quoll brooches! I love that they include unusual animals in their collections.
17. Accessorize's Soda Pop bag is amazing. Want!
18. I'm in love with this red and black lace prom dress from DP Curve.
19. This bird cross body bag from George at ASDA is adorable.
20. I'm quite taken with this pinafore midi dress from ASOS Curve. I think I had a similar one in the nineties.
21. This double layer embellished maxi dress from ASOS Curve is so beautiful.
22. The Suzywan glitter star ring would be perfect for accessorising those Christmas outfits with.
23. It probably wouldn't suit me, but I love this embroidered swing dress just the same. 
24. I can always find room for one more polka dot piece in my wardrobe.
25. A neon pink perspex Barbie necklace!
26. I'm mad about these pewter brogues. My sister bought a pair and they're to die for! Shame her feet are bigger than mine.
27. And, finally, I really love the navy lace, pleated midi dress from DP Curve. It's so understated, but oh so pretty at the same time.

What's on your wish list this week?

If you'd like to see more of the clothes and accessories that catch my eye every week, check out my style wish list boards on Pinterest.


  1. All of the things! I want them all. Particularly the rocket bag, which I will rely on you to find out when it goes in the sale! Hope this finds you wellxx

  2. Son of a nutcracker! Haha. I'm trying hard not to look too closely at wishlists, as we're saving for a mortgage deposit, but those bags! Love. xx

  3. I love the beautiful lobster brooch! I have such an affection for lobsters!x

  4. I need all the brooches now they are the cutest xx


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