Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunday Favourites #157: Halloween Special

I'm back with another round of my Sunday Favourites, and since it's less than a week 'til Halloween, I just had to make it Halloween-themed! And it's a colourful one, too! Enjoy.

Ghosts like fashion, too; who knew?

I love these DIY ombre pumpkins.

I know I've shared this DIY gumball machine pumpkin before, but I had to include it in this post. It's a pumpkin decorated to look like a gumball machine! So cool.

Neatly arranged American Halloween sweets.

I can't get over how awesome these DIY costumes from Studio DIY are! They're so creative, and so beautifully photographed, too. Links to each DIY: birthday cakecereal bowlfrozen yoghurt, and cactus. There's also a slideshow (here) featuring more of the costumes the blog have created.

These DIY balloon-dipped pumpkins look amazing, and the best part is, there's no carving (and a lot less mess) involved.

These fruit decorated pumpkins from Style Me Pretty look amazing! I think they might even be the best pumpkin designs I've ever seen. I would love to turn a pumpkin in to a strawberry!

These DIY donut pumpkins are so cute!

This spooky Halloween terrarium looks amazing! I want to make one!

These jack o' lantern macarons are adorable.

A beautiful arrangement of pumpkins

These ghost pinatas are so cute.

These colourful pumpkin-shaped cookies look so lovely.

I adore this Halloween-themed Marie tattoo!

This baby bat girl print is so cute. And maybe just a little bit creepy.

This jack o' lantern manicure looks amazing.

This Halloween eye make up look is so damn cool.

And I love this lady's purple hair and bold Halloween make up.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Want to dress up as something a little bit different for Halloween, without having to resort to a Halloween costume? Check out these DIY fruit costumes, which are a little more wearable for every day.

♥ Here's a great selection of 20 no carve, no mess pumpkin DIYs.

♥ If you want to make your nails look festive this week, check out these 26 spooktacular Halloween nail art ideas.

♥ I love these Halloween nail art decals from YVNG Pearl on Etsy.

♥ This Hocus Pocus nail art is amazing!

For more Halloween ideas and inspiration, check out Halloween and Autumn boards on Pinterest.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love the ghost fashions haha, and ohhh my god an Aristocats AND Halloween themed tattoo?! I need! xxx

    1. So cute, right? I bloody love the Halloween Marie tattoo! Best tattoo design ever. xx

  2. I am actually not at all keen in Halloween BUT I really do love all the pumpkin ideas you located and those fruit costumes are great! Plus, those ghost fashions are hilarious. How many hours does it take you to search out and compile these posts?

    P.s. you said you like haul posts so I wondered if you wanted to look at my Latest Ladybird likes post.

    1. I don't make a huge deal out of Halloween tbh; I usually just watch a couple of movies, and occasionally carve a pumpkin, but I love living vicariously through all of these awesome photos. I love the pumpkins, costumes, and ghost fashions, too. Erm... a lot! Sometimes these posts can take me all day. I will stop by and catch up on your posts as soon as I get a spare sec. Looking forward to seeing your haul! xx

  3. So many good things!! As you know already I love Halloween - I love all the pumpkin ideas :)

    1. I always think of you when I see awesome Halloween things! The pumpkins are all amazing. xx

  4. Love the costumes I think the cake one is perfect xx


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