Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Favourites #156

This week's Sunday Faves is packed full of colour, which I hope will brighten up your day!

I love this colourful geometric nail art.

This is beautiful. Is it Spring yet?

I really want one of these rainbow tassel garlands from Studio Mucci. It's so cheerful. I also love her rainbow t-shirt, and glittery shoes!

I'm in love with these colourful fashion photographs from New York artist Tomaas. The colours! Oh, the colours! I'm not sold on the platinum blonde wig, but the yellow and pink eye make up is phenomenal.

I don't know about you, but I love how these pastel biscuit photos have been styled; so simple but striking. They're from a series called The Biscuit Project by Matt Lain, and Toni Caroline.

Blue and pink ice cream cake, anyone? Nom!

These cockatoo portraits by Leila Jeffreys are so beautiful. They all look so cheeky! 

How cute are these tattoos from Lazerliz? I want the unicorn!

Would you believe this is a gumball-machine pumpkin?! It looks so cool! There's a DIY here if you fancy giving it a shot for Halloween.

Doesn't Amanda look amazing in this gorgeous tartan dress? 

Kaylah's latest photos of her parents' foxes are absolutely stunning. I've always wanted a pet fox. (Though I'm sure that's not even legal in England).

Koko the gorilla was given some kittens for her 44th birthday! She gently scooped up this grey kitten out of the box, and in sign language asked her trainer to put it on her head! Too cute. There's a short video of it here.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Natalie looks amazing in all the colours!

♥ I bloody love Betty's tips for shutting down fat shamers.

♥ Kathryn spoke up about the plus size fashion brands that have been body shaming on social media lately with 'inspirational' (more like offencive) memes.

♥ Leah and Mookie are on a mission to see people over the age of 40 better represented in the plus size blogging community. (And rightly so!) They're looking for plus size people of all genders aged 40 and above, to join in, so if you'd like to take part in monthly fashion challenges, guest posts, and being fabulous on social media, go check out Leah's post about Plus 40 Fabulous for all the details.

♥ Have you seen the Scarlett & Jo Once Up On A Time Collection photos yet? All of the blogger ladies look stunning in those seriously gorgeous dresses.

♥ Ragini looks effortlessly stylish in her latest outfit post, and it was so beautifully written, too.

♥ I want to go to LA after reading all about Trees' trip.

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Thanks for reading!



  1. Natalie does look beautiful! I couldn't find where to leave a comment on my phone, but I wanted to tell her, esp as she's been feeling depressed.
    How are you healthwise? I know you.has some health complications and I hope you are getting better. I hope you haven't been feeling too down.
    I'm well, I just wish Autumn didn't make me feel so gloomy. Still, there's lots to appreciate around!

  2. Thanks for sharing my post!
    How amazing are those cockatoo pictures? I always love seeing cockatoos, I feel pretty lucky to live where their is so much beautiful bird life.

  3. Thanks for sharing my post lady! I love that tartan dress, it may be coming into spring here, but I could definitely wear one of those right now. Also that unicorn tattoo is the most fun!

  4. I want the tiger tattoo! <33 Love the pastel biscuits for some reason haha! xx

  5. The fox! So cute. The pastel biscuits, yum! Thanks for sharing Plus40Fabulous! xx


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