Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sunday Favourites #140

This week's Sunday Favourites is crammed full of gorgeous things, with no shortage of DIYs, art, and crafty things.

I want to give this watermelon nail art a try.

I would love to make this novelty doughnut bag!

These ice cream cone macarons are adorable.

I'm loving the bold use of colour on these DIY storage boxes.

These arrangements from Emily Blincoe are beautiful.

Think pink!

This! Don't ever let other people stop you from being yourself. Embrace the things you love... even if they're a bit weird and geeky, and nobody else quite gets them.

A little colour inspiration from A Subtle Revelry.

This teeny, tiny crochet rose is adorable!

How cute are these pineapple printables?

These DIY watercolour coasters from The Proper Blog are lovely.

I love these ceramic creations from artist Katharine Morling.

This photo makes me smile.

These colourful geometric tattoos are gorgeous!

I love this. It reminds me of the old Jaffa Cakes advert. 'Full moon. Half moon. Total eclipse!'

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Becky wrote an insightful post on the truth about perfectionism.

♥ Kaylah shared the most adorable photos of her parents' little black fox cubs. 

♥ Need a little help getting to grips with Pinterest? Check out Sarah's beginner's guide.

♥ Sammi looks so pretty in her strawberry print frock.

♥ I laughed reading these 20 Euphegenia Doubtfire quotes. Mine is still "it was a run-by fruiting!"

♥ For a dose of cuteness, check out these 20 pictures of miniature pigs. I want one!

♥ These 25 things we did before smartphones are so true. How on Earth did we ever live without them?

♥ 5 types of injuries: how bad it looks vs. actual pain levels. Accurate! Why the actual fuck do stubbed toes hurt so much?! 

♥ The bride who helped pull off a wedding proposal at her own wedding reception! I doubt there are many girls who would be happy to let another couple steal her thunder on her big day.

and finally,

♥ A Buzzfeed writer received death and rape threats for a post she wrote (about The Simpsons!), and she contacted some of her trolls to ask why.

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