Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Colourful Collage: Orange

Last week I began a new feature called Colourful Collages, a series which basically involves me putting together a new colour-themed flat lay each week, and then blogging about it. And I'm challenging myself to go through as many colours as possible. 

Last week I started with red, and it only seemed right to continue on today with the next colour in the rainbow- orange; well, obviously!

1. Night In The Lonesome October paperback novel by Richard Laymon.
2. The Body Shop satsuma shower gel. (The best shower gel ever!)
3. EOS medicated tangerine lip balm.
4. Paperchase orange and silver tea light holder.
5. Marks and Spencer mango moisturising lip balm.
6. Herbal Essences uplifting volume dry shampoo.
7. Hairspray DVD. (Love this film; I'm a big fan of musicals!)
8. The Body Shop satsuma body butter.
9. Novelty radio necklace from Accessorize.
10. Some loose plastic sequins; spares from an unknown piece of clothing.
11. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail paint in Mango.
12. Accessorize ladybug studs.
13. A pair of real yellow topaz earrings my Mum gave me. Yellow by name, orange by nature.
14. An orange and yellow iPod sock. (From the days of 1st generation iPod minis!)
15. A Project Life journal card.
16. Orange soft pastels, barely used. (I've had the box of pastels since I was fifteen!)
17. The Body Shop Born Lippy watermelon lip balm.
18. A piece of creative journaling paper from a Smash Book pad with the topic 'Most Memorable'.
19. A metal fox brooch from Cath Kidston.
20. Three coloured pencils from Hobbycraft.
21. An Accessorize snag-free hair tie.
22. Ciaté mini nail polish in Hopscotch.
23. A pineapple notecard from a pack of fruit-themed Paperchase notecards.
24. Clinique Chubby Stick in Oversized Orange.

I'm surprised by how many orange things I have lying around; these are just some of them! I personally love the colour orange, but I think it's one of those colours you either love or you hate. To some, it's garish, but to me orange is the happiest colour palette, so I have no problem having lots of it in my house. In fact, I don't think I have enough!

Orange; yay or nay?


  1. I think these collages are fun! I'm a fan of orange - the only colour I don't think I have in my wardrobe is yellow...but I do have yellow fabric waiting to be made into something :)

  2. Thanks, Trees! You definitely need some yellow in your wardrobe. Wearing it's an instant mood-lifter. xx

  3. I thought i was going to hate hairspray but i love it xx

    1. I love it too; It's such a fun film. xx


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