Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sunday Favourites #130

It's time for a very colourful dose of my Sunday Favourites...

I'm loving this watermelon and polka dot manicure, and the photos are gorgeous, too.

These creative, colourful photos from Carolin Wanitzek are amazing.

I also adore these beautiful bold photos, which are part of a collection called 'Blossom' in which nature has been playfully combined with pattern by artist Karan Singh.

A few of my new favourite Sasha Unisex tattoos. The dachshund is too cute for words.

Kaylah's living room is seriously cool. I need that rug!

Is this not the most perfect pastel outfit you've ever seen?!

This may be the only black flamingo in the world!

To celebrate Singapore's fifty years of independence, Australia are sending four koalas to the island as gifts- and they're travelling over in business class!

This photo is stunning.

I love the colour palette in this photo.

These ice cream cone cupcakes look amazing!

This cat has the cutest, most expressive face ever!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Becky wrote a fascinating post about her little taxidermy collection.

♥ Bride-to-be Shannon Dolton wrote an inspiring post about the pressure society puts on brides to lose weight for their wedding days, and why she is happily marrying while fat,

♥ Kailey's What's In My Bag? post is really cute. I have the bag, too, and I have to say it's pretty much perfect!

♥ A cinema-goers guide to cinema etiquette. Noisy, phone-using, food-rustling cinema goers take note!

♥ These baby otters are soooo cute

♥ I laughed waaay too much at this. So funny!

♥ I somehow found myself reading this post about 15 phenomenal female circus performers, and it made for an interesting read.

♥ Love animals? Check out these 22 animals with different coloured eyes.

♥ These 24 tattooed seniors reveal how tattoos look on aged bodies, and if you ask me, they all look pretty darn awesome! 

and, finally,

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Thanks for reading!



  1. Those nails are amazing. I've always really liked those nails which are deep set into the finger so there's a good length before the edge of the finger starts. Mine are stubby little things! xx

    1. Aren't they! I love how pretty they are. My nails aren't as nice as the lady's in that photo, either; mine are quite stubby, too, and my index finger nails are weirdly closer to the tips of my fingers than the others. xx

  2. I love that cat - he's the cutest! Also the sasha unisex tattoo of the sphinx cat is SO GREAT!

    1. He is! That little face is the cutest... and he kind of reminds me of Bagpuss! Those Sphinx cat tattoos have to be some of the best Sasha U tattoos to date. xx

  3. Replies
    1. I can so see you with those tattoos. I want them all! xx


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