Sunday, 12 April 2015

Sunday Favourites #129

It's that time of the week again... 

I love these geometric paper aardvark sculptures from artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer. There are lots of other creatures in her collection, but the aardvarks have particularly captured my heart. So cute!

My latest favourite tattoos from Sasha Unisex. The fox is absolute perfection.

This lady has the prettiest hair.

I love this colourful make up look.

These images of animals in the womb are incredible. At first I thought they were of real life foetuses, but they're actually just highly realistic images enhanced by computer graphics. That's still pretty amazing. I think my favourite is the penguin, although those bats are bloody adorable! They look like little aliens!

This is awesome!

Love this quote.

The Orion Nebula is so beautiful.

How cute is this little guy? He looks like he'd make the perfect Scooby Doo side-kick!

They sure do.

I love how these four ladies styled up their Sun Jellies bags. Don't they all look fabulous?!

Have you heard about Arttu the red squirrel who was rescued and raised by humans? No? Click through the source above to hear his story, and see more adorable photos of him.

Is this cat walking up or down the flight of stairs? I personally think he's walking up them. How about you?


I love this embroidery-hoop wall.

This raspberry and rhubarb tart looks delicious.

If you won't judge me for looking like crap, I won't judge you!

I love these brilliant cartoons from artist Gemma Correll. There are many more at the source.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Vicky wrote an eye-opening post about the cruelty behind horse-racing. If you're thinking of betting on the horses this year, I'd recommend you read her post first.

♥ Betty Pamper wrote her perspective on being the fat kid in a thin family.

♥ Why banning ultra-thin models is bullshit, by The Militant Baker. Amen.

♥ Mandy wrote an interesting post about transparency in the blogging world.

♥ Kristina welcomed Spring in the cutest pastel outfit.

♥ The story behind Kaylah's blog The Dainty Squid made for a really interesting read.

♥ These 20 purple hair styles will probably make you want to dye your hair... Y'know, if colourfully dyed hair is your thing...

♥ Rami the pitbull-daschund cross is probably the most adorably weird dog I've ever seen!

♥ Rare footage of an owl swimming in Lake Michigan.

and, finally,

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great blog x

  2. I lover that doberman! I grew up with dobermans and I loved Scooby Doo so this guy is perfect! Also I loved that pastel outfit on Twee Valley High!

    1. Isn't he?! I've always loved dobermans, but that special little guy is too adorable for words. I want him! I would've loved to have had dobermans when I was little, but my parents never let us have pets. xx

  3. One of my favourite posts as always xx


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