Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday Favourites #128: Easter Special

Happy Easter, lovelies!

I hope you're having a lovely Easter what ever you're up to. I'll be spending the day at home relaxing, watching a few movies (Steel Magnolias, obviously), sitting down for a turkey roast with the family, and probably eating waaaay too much chocolate. Hey, it's Easter, I didn't make the rules!

I've put together a special Easter-themed Sunday Favourites post for you this week, full of pretty photos that have been inspiring me lately. Enjoy...

These sequined eggs are really eye-catching.

I love these honeycomb Easter eggs. We managed to buy some from Sainsburys this year, but I think these pastel ones are prettier.

These modern Easter cookies are so cute.

These biscuits are so beautifully decorated.

I love these colourful fringed Easter baskets.

Becky's Easter cupcakes are so gorgeous! It was this post that had me hunting down the Reese's Pieces eggs last week. I'm going to surprise my family with them during our Easter meal this afternoon.

I think this is the prettiest, pastel table decor I've ever seen.

I want to make some bunny biscuits like these. Yes, I'm twenty-nine...

These praline eggs are so beautifully presented.

I want to make these Easter surprise eggs. Maybe I'll give them a go next year.

How cool are these strawberry eggs?!

I'd love to make these pinata eggs.

These eggs have been marbled using nail polish! I so need to try this sometime.

These galaxy eggs look ah-mazing. They're, without a doubt, my favourite find of the week.

This cheeky little Easter bunny.

"Kill me now."

These knitted eggs are really cute.


This is adorable!

Easter bunny incognito...


Eggs painted to look like hatching chicks.

If looks could kill... I doubt the photographer made it out alive.

"Did you get my best side?"


Someone get me this adorable little bunny!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ These speckled egg cupcakes are adorable.

♥ I love these DIY foliage Easter eggs.

♥ These Easter bunny macarons are adorable.

♥ This giant chocolate speckled egg cake looks amazing.

♥ Can somebody buy me this Easter bunny?

♥ 10 unamused cats dressed up for Easter. I would not want to be the people behind those cameras!

♥ 30 mischievous bunnies who have no regrets about taking over your house. I used to have two who would strip the wall paper if I let them inside, and even chewed through my Skull Candy headphones- while I was using them. You couldn't stay mad at the adorable little buggers for long, though!

and, finally,

♥ 100 pictures of cute little bunnies that'll make you go "aww!"

If you're looking for more Easter inspiration, you can find about 400 more images on my Easter board on Pinterest here.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I'm 34 and I too want to make those biscuits, they are adorable!!!
    Oh my, that cat wants to rip out someone's eyes!!#
    Did you like my bag by the way? Wasn't sure if you saw it or not?
    Happy Easter!! X

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one over 5 who can't resist cute novelty bunny biscuits! The angry cat is hilarious. I would not want to be that cat's owner! I've not had a chance to pop over for a look yet; I've had a hectic week. I'll pop over to have a look ASAP! Happy belated Easter, Kezzie. xx

  2. Happy Easter Louise! <3 I love those bunny biscuits and want those galaxy eggs. That baby bunny is SO adorable too! xxx

    1. Happy belated Easter, Hannah! Hope you had a good one. I want that baby bunny so bad. xx

  3. Yah! Happy Easter :) I hope your family enjoyed the Reeces Pieces eggs! Hard to say what's my favourite is this week as I LOVE everything Easter, but I do also really love angry cats in costumes xo

    1. Happy belated Easter! I'm not sure if anybody's eaten the Reece's eggs yet (I haven't), but they all liked the surprise. I love all things Easter, too; everything is so pretty. The angry cats in costumes are hilarious! xx

  4. OMG! Cats in bunny ears might just be my new favourite thing! I love the galaxy eggs and the honeycomb eggs. xx

    1. Cats in bunny ears are the cutest kinds of cats! Those eggs are amazing, right?! xx


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