Monday, 23 March 2015

50 Ways to Beat Boredom at Home

For the last three and a half years, I've been house bound and bed ridden for 99% of the time because I live in a high level of constant pain from spinal conditions. At first I really struggled to beat boredom, and the days would drag on like a prison sentence, but I soon began to find ways to fill my time. This not only helped to keep me busy, but it helped to take my mind off the pain, and the sudden changes to my life, too. These days I'm rarely ever bored at home- even from my bed! I have countless ways to pass the time.

So, today, I thought I'd share a list of ways to beat boredom at home for anybody who is stuck at home and going a bit stir crazy. Of course, if you're living with a chronic or on going illness, injury, condition or disability, the things you'll be capable of doing will depend on your circumstances, but I hope a few things on the list come in handy just the same.

1. Read all those books you've been meaning to read but never found time to.

2. Kick back with your favourite magazines.

3. Catch up with your favourite blogs. (Looking for more blogs to follow? Here's a list of my faves.)

4. Read posts, and articles online. (I can get lost for hours in Buzzfeed, Lifebuzz, Earthporm,, xoJane, Huffington Post, and the trashy, random news stories from The Mirror).

5. Start your own blog. You'll never have nothing to do again! (I started this blog to keep myself occupied, and it's the best decision I could've made. I couldn't have got through the last few years without it.)

6. Listen to music. Stay away from sad, melancholy songs (especially if they make you feel down), and blast out happy, uplifting tunes instead. It's a great way to keep your spirits up!

7. Create playlists of your favourite songs for every mood and occasion. 

8. Watch videos on Youtube. (It doesn't matter if you watch music videos, beauty vlogs, or videos of cute cats, as long as they make you happy!)

9. Watch TV / binge watch some TV box sets, and get hooked on a new series or two.

10. Watch your favourite movies, and check out all those films you've been wanting to see for ages.

11. Create videos or vlogs.

12. Write emails or hand written letters to your friends and loved ones.

13. Phone up, Skype, Face Time or message your friends (or your Granny!) for a good catch up.

14. Bake or cook something delicious. Try out new recipes or practise your cake decorating skills.

15. Start an inspiration, happy memories, or art journal / scrapbook.

16. Keep a diary. It will clear your mind and one day you'll be able to read through it and see how far you've come.

17. Write lists; they're a great way to organise your thoughts and get your mind working. (Personally, I love filling in the Listography books, and creating lists on their website here).

18. Creative a bucket list to work through in the future. 

19. Make a 101 Things to do in 1001 Days list to work through. 

20. Try your hand at some creative writing, write some poetry, or even write a novel! (Need some inspiration? I love using the 642 Things To Write and 742 More Things to Write journal books).

21. Buy an adult colouring book and work your way through it. Honestly, colouring in is so therapeutic, relieves stress, and takes your mind off whatever's plaguing you.

22. Keep your mind active with cross words and Sudoku puzzles.

23. Start a cross stitch or embroidery project. (I love working through the Riverdrift House cross stitch kits.)

24. Learn how to crochet or knit something.

25. Learn how to make jewellery.

26. Customise your clothes or accessories.

27. Decoupage something.

28. Try your hand at some paper crafting, such as card making.

29. Or try some other craft or DIY you've always wanted to try.

30. Create some art. You could sketch, draw, paint, pastel, oil, charcoal... what ever type of art you enjoy best.

31. Take photos and try to improve your photography and editing skills.

32. Make collages, GIFs, and / or other images from your photos.

33. Learn something new. Take a home course, or e-course, or Google things you've always wanted to know more about. 

34. Window shop online and day dream about being rich enough to afford everything that catches your eye.

35. Dress up in pretty clothes. (I always feel a lot brighter when I'm wearing a pretty dress / outfit and think I look half decent on the outside.)

36. Go through your make up stash, and try out lots of new make up looks.

37. Pamper yourself with a relaxing bubble bath. Put on a face mask, light some candles, lie back, and relax.

38. Style your hair in to different looks. You could learn how to perfect victory rolls, fish tail braids, the perfect curls... whatever takes your fancy.

39. Try out some nail art designs. Practise makes perfect.

40. Give yourself a mani pedi and paint your nails in all the colours of the rainbow.

41. Explore images on Tumblr, and endlessly scroll through your dashboard.

42. Create moodboards on Pinterest, and pin the shit out of the Internet!

43. Connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

44. Tweet your favourite celebs on Twitter; if you get a reply it will make your day!

45. Share photos of your day on Instagram, and find lots of awesome people to follow.

46. Create collages of outfits on Polyvore.

47. Enter competitions online; you never know when you might get lucky!

48. Play computer games online, on your phone, or with a games console. (I love to play old nineties Sega games like Golden Axe, Sonic, and The Lion King here when I get bored. Reliving my childhood is so fun!)

49. Spend time with family, house mates, friends, and pets. Get your besties to come round for a cuppa, a few glasses of wine, or a girls night in.

50. Look through old photos, and remember the good times. 

And most importantly, for those of us with ill health...


It might be frustrating being stuck in the house for a while (years, even), but if your doctor has told you to take it easy, and your body is telling you the same, listen! Don't push yourself too hard, and only do as much as you feel you can without making your health worse. Some things just aren't worth the pain and exhaustion that follows.

And those are my 50 ways to beat boredom at home! I hope you've found them helpful.

How do you like to pass the time from home? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. This is a great idea, I love the way you always make the best of things and you seem to be busy all the time. I especially love the idea of colouring in :D Oh and thanks for including me on your list of blogs to follow - also I was without internet for TWO WEEKS after we moved, but now I'm back - yah!! Looking forward to seeing what else you have been up too xo

    1. Thanks, Trees! I have to keep myself busy to stop myself from going stir crazy. I've never been one of those people who can just sit there doing nothing; I always have to be doing something. I can't even watch a movie without doing something else at the same time. I had to include you in the blog roll- you're one of my fave blogs / bloggers! So, you're very welcome! Yay! It's so good to see you back online; I've missed your posts! xx

  2. Amazing! You write so interesting posts and make very beautiful photos! Like your blog! Keep doing it!

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Diana! You're far too kind! :)

  3. Fab post Louise. Right now I'm reading for at least a couple of days and it's relaxing me a lot. xx

    1. Thanks, Leah! I find reading extremely relaxing, too- especially when I get in to a really good book! xx

  4. This is a very helpful post. I rarely get bored, always something to catch up on or music practice, craft, reading, writing... my husband bought me an Amazing book called 285ways to have fun (or something of that ilk) and it has so many fun games and ideas for paper games etc.
    Blogging wise, if I am bored, I try to go through my comments and go and visit and comment on any people who have commented (depending on comment settings)and return the favour. I do try to do thus anyway but sometimes if work load is manic, I need to catch up and I know I personally appreciate someone who can be bothered to come back and visit me.

    Top one is reading of course.x

    1. Thanks, Kezzie! It sounds like you're like me when it comes to keeping yourself occupied! The book sounds really fun, so I'll have to check it out.

      I think it's lovely to give back to the people who've taken the time to read and comment! I try to do the same as much as I can; although I have gotten behind with my comments these last few months, so I'm doing my best to catch up with them all, and then I intend to get back in to replying daily and visiting new blogs. xx

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  6. Fab post Louise ! I love adult colouring books and kids ones too! They calm you right down xx

    1. Thanks, hun. It's weird how calming colouring in actually is! I don't remember it being so theraputic growning up. xx


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