Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wednesday Wish List

I've got so many beautiful things to show you today, so instead of rambling on, I'm just going to dive right in. Feel free to join me!

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Blogger Georgina from the blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has just launched a small collection of plus size dresses in sizes 16 to 30/32 with Lady Vintage! The dresses are so beautiful! I adore the forest green and purple Lyra dresses- though I doubt I'm busty enough for these frocks.

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Modcloth always have the best dresses. These are just a few of the ones that I've been admiring this week. If I could get my hands on just one of these, I'd go for the forest green 'Like, Oh My Dot' halterneck. I need some green polka dot dresses in my life.

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These galaxy leggings from Modcloth are f-ing amazing! I want them all! The good news? They come in sizes S/M up to a 4X!!

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The range of Mary Blair dresses and skirts for Pin Up Girl Clothing are all so pretty. (Number 6 isn't from her collection). I'm loving all of those prints!

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Lady Vintage have just added lots of pretty petticoats in lots of pretty colours, and I'd happily buy them all... y'know, if I was rich... which I'm not! I'm not greedy, though; I'd be happy with just one in bronze. Isn't that colour to die for?!

Erstwilder's Australian animal brooches are adorable! I particularly love the bilby and the platypus.

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Modcloth have the best jewellery at the moment. I'm liking all of the weather themed pieces, and I adore the New York City necklace. I'm also rather drawn to the 50 year calendar necklace (#13). My parents have had a bronze calendar just like that necklace for as long as I can remember, and I don't know why, but looking at the necklace is making me a little nostalgic! I've never seen a piece of jewellery like it before.

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It wouldn't be a Wednesday Wish List without a novelty bag or two! I'm a little obsessed with the sweet peach bag from Modcloth. I've been lusting after a similar bag from Charlotte Olympia for about a year, but with a price tag of £1995, it could never be mine. I've searched high and low for a dupe with no luck, until this pretty peach popped up on Modcloth recently. It's not available yet, but it's far more purse friendly, and I'm very tempted... Can anybody tell me how much you can get taxed for shipping a couple of items from Modcloth / America to the UK?

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And last but not least, are these three lovely dresses from Alice & You and Carmakoma via ASOS. One of each, please!

What's on your wish list this week? Why of these do you like best?


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Favourites #122

Time for another dose of my Sunday faves...

I'm loving these geometric nails.


I wish all of this lived in my kitchen!

Sasha Unisex's latest tattoos are so beautiful. I now kinda want a unicorn tattoo...

Modcloth had nine of their employees of different shapes and sizes model their swimwear, reminding us how wonderfully diverse our bodies are and that we shouldn't be ashamed of that. I love this campaign, and I love that red polka dot swimsuit!

Are you familiar with the friendship between a little girl named Libby, and her piglet friend Pearl yet? They're the cutest! I didn't want to post photos of somebody else's child on my blog, but you need to go check out the adorable duo on Instagram here

This space is gorgeous.

I'm blown away by how realistic this art work is. Amazing.

Foxes from Japan's Zao Fox Village being all adorable.

Who remembers these The Garden Gang books?? I used to love these when I was little! I've actually been trying to remember the name of these books for years without any luck, and then yesterday they popped up on my Pinterest feed! 

This is so cute!

This is such a gorgeous look.

I'm in love with Hayley's incredible fruit-themed manicure! So perfect.

So true!

This photo is so beautiful. I'm pining for the sea right now; I miss being out in the water in Cornwall.

Uninspired by just taking photos on her travels, Teresa Lim creates amazing embroideries of the places she visits, and then photographs each one in front of the place that inspired them. Amazing!

A stampede of pugs and other pups! Love!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Harlow Darling looks stunning in polka dots in her latest outfit post.

♥ Nancy looks so glamorous modelling a seriously beautiful  Scarlet and Jo dress.

♥ Sera had her say about the rivalry and negativity between some bloggers with mental illnesses towards other bloggers with mental illnesses. I couldn't agree with her more; it has to stop. Please go read it.

♥ I'm itching to visit south east Asia after reading Callie's post about her adventures in Khao Sok.

♥ Speaking of travel, I love the photos of our beautiful world in these posts: 25 of the world's most beautiful roads and 25 breath-taking bird's-eye-views.

♥ 30 people who have conquered the art of snow with their weird and wonderful creations.

♥ If you love random facts, check out these 32 weird urban myths that are actually true.

♥ In need of some blog post inspiration? Take a look at these 71 proven templates for blog post ideas and 29 beauty and style blog post ideas.

and finally,

♥ This comic strip about life and death is possibly the cutest thing I've seen all week.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Shopping Haul Feb 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured out of the house for the first time this year for something other than a hospital appointment. I only popped in to town quickly with my sister, but the cabin fever and isolation was hitting me so hard that I'd have happily gone anywhere to escape for a couple of hours. My sister wanted to look for a new phone case in Cath Kidston, and I was happy to tag along to Oxford for some fresh air and a change of scenery. I think it did me some good.

We spent about an hour or so in Oxford (until I had to call it quits and go home), but we visited Cath Kidston, Lush, Boots, The Body Shop, and Paperchase in that time. I wasn't planning to buy anything other than some of Lush's Valentine's range and a new diary, but my sister owed me a little money and I got tempted by a few other things along the way... I thought I'd give you a peek at what I bought, since I love reading these kind of posts on other blogs.

I bought lots of lovely things...

You've probably noticed by now that I'm crazy about Cath Kidston; I'd say they're one of my favourite brands and biggest weaknesses. I rarely make it out of their shops without buying something. This time, I was clucking over the amazing new heart print, and wanted to buy it all. I restrained myself and bought a make up bag (I needed one), a key fob (my old one was getting tatty), and a pack of tissues (I had the sniffles). I also got a Christmas book bag which was on sale for £7 down from £18! I loved the print and thought it would be fun to use for shopping in December, or for carrying gifts in.

In Paperchase I bought a pretty new diary (for obvious reasons), and treated myself to a new notebook. I have a thing for pretty notebooks and stationery, and in my opinion, Paperchase make the best around. If I won the lottery, I could easily blow a million pounds in there in about five minutes with no regrets.

Seriously, look how pretty this diary is! Each date is bordered by polka dots, gingham, or other colourful patterns. It's so bright and cheerful it makes me smile every time I open it. I think it's the prettiest diary I've ever had. It even has a page a month for writing reminders like birthdays, to-do lists, wish lists, and blogging! (Though, it is sad I didn't have a single thing on this week and no reason to write in it).

We spent a while in Boots, but I didn't buy all that much. I got a new pair of Models Own eyelash curlers, as my old curlers broke. I just can't live without a pair. I haven't actually used them yet, though, as I've been obsessed with using Roller Lash, which curls my lashes so well I don't need the curlers!

I also bought a bottle of Barry M's silk nail paint in a forest green shade called 'Forest'. I didn't realise at the time, but it gives a matte finish, which I'm not a fan of, but thankfully, wearing a top coat over it gives it a gorgeous glossy finish!

The third item in the photo is a tube of primer from Collection called 'Prime and Ready'. I won a tube ages ago in Rachel's giveaway and have been so impressed with it that I had to repurchase. I'm going to write a review about it soon; it's amazing.

From Boots, I also bought three packs of my regular Boots cucumber cleansing wipes (3 packs for £3). I'm not usually a fan of own-brand beauty products, but these cleansing wipes are the only ones which don't make my eyes run- plus they're great cleansing wipes and smell good, too. After picking these up, I was distracted by the Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel, which was on offer for £1. It smells like Strawberry Mini Milks or Funny Feet ice lollies! Ie: divine!

When we were in the Body Shop, I got two bottles of my favourite Satsuma shower gel. I definitely do not need any more TBS products right now, since I own half the shop, but I allowed myself that little exception because I'd run out and it's my fave.

In Lush, I bought four products from the Valentine's collection- Heart Throb bubble bar, Cupid's Love soapLonely Heart bubble bar, and Unicorn Horn bubble bar- which I blogged about last week (here). I also treated myself to a Brightside bubble bar because I couldn't resist the gorgeous citrus scent; it reminds me of the long gone Happy soap they used to make.

And my Ciaté Mini Mani Manor advent calendar arrived soon after my last haul post. I got it on sale really cheaply, and have put it away to enjoy this Christmas. It's actually back in stock again (on Ciaté's website) for the bargain price of £14.60, so if you want to snag a bargain, snap one up fast! Their nail polishes are fantastic quality, and it's so much fun to get a nail polish a day in the run up to Christmas.

Have you treated yourself to anything nice recently?

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