Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Favourites #118

Who'd like to see some of my favourite images of the last week?

I want to live in a pretty pastel house!

I love this colour scheme.

I love Keiko Lynn's striped suitcase DIY. The decor is dreamy, too.

These meringue pops look adorable.

How cool are these colourful lips?

This make up look is stunning.

This striped ombre manicure would be perfect for Spring and Summer.

I love these floral tattoos from Sasha U.

I wish my hair was this colour.

Can you imagine having a full-grown pet lion living in your house?

I do!

This opossum is so cute.

This little guy looks so content!

This office is gorgeous.

Doesn't Sammi look amazing in her pretty pastel blue coat?

This series of illustrations from Tom Gauld is brilliant. Click on the source to see more of them.

This rare upside-down iceberg is mesmerising.

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ I got lost in Marianne's post about her hot air balloon ride over Dubai; it sounded like a fairy tale adventure.

♥ I enjoyed taking a peek at Polly's Chicago studio tour; I love seeing how people decorate their homes and offices. I guess I'm just naturally nosey!

♥ ... which is probably why I also enjoyed seeing how Sophia stores some of her make up.

♥ June's "getting ready" wedding photos are all so beautiful.

♥ Having a case of blogger's block? Why not check out Fleur's 50 inexpensive blog post ideas.

♥ I love almost all animals, but this primordial shark is fucking terrifying.

and, finally...

♥ Mali the elephant has been kept all alone in a concrete enclosure since 1977- almost 40 years- completely isolated from other elephants and all other animals. Manila Zoo and the Filipino government are refusing to free her, even though a place has been secured for her in an animal sanctuary in Thailand. Please go sign the petition to free her, so she can go live with other elephants in a natural environment. No animal should have to suffer like this.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.



  1. Is that Tippi Hedren with the lion? imagine having a pet lion? they look perfectly content though! Sammi is divine in her princess coat, so pretty! and I totally adore people who are excited about things they love, absolutely love them! I find people especially captivating when they are fuelled by their passion x x x love it all! x x x

  2. Lovely links! Especially love the meringue pops!

  3. The seal look soo happy with itself xx


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