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JD Williams Knitwear Review

I'm one of those people who rarely wears a coat or a jacket; I prefer to just layer a jumper or a cardigan over most of my outfits because I get over heated really easily. (Thanks, spine). I find that knitwear is usually more than enough to keep me warm and cosy, and though I wear some form of knitwear almost every day, it had been a while since I last added some cosy new pieces to my wardrobe.

So, when online fashion brand JD Williams invited me to review some knitwear, I was more than happy to oblige! I was asked to choose some pieces from their current selection, and I chose three cosy pieces that I think you're going to like as much as I do!

First up is this wonderfully quirky fairisle poodle jumper* by Marisota, which I chose because of the cute motif. Any excuse to add a bit of whimsy and personality to my outfits! Motif jumpers are big news this season, but the poodle is so different to any other design I've seen, and definitely one of the best! If you're sad to pack your Christmas jumpers away for another year, this jumper is a great alternative and unlike your Christmas jumpers, you can keep wearing it through 'til Spring! (And beyond if you fancy it!) 

This jumper is one of the softest, cosiest jumpers I've ever worn; it as cosy as a fleecy dressing gown, but with the added bonus of being a socially acceptable garment for wearing in public. It's like wearing a giant hug! It's surprisingly warm for a light-weight knit, and it's just the right thickness for layering. As you can see, I layered mine over a heart-print skater dress, and just folded the hem under a couple of inches for a neater look; I really like how the two pieces look together. This jumper is so versatile; I think it would look great with everything from dresses to jeans, to skirts and shorts; it's the perfect cream jumper!

If ivory isn't your thing, the poodle jumper also comes in red, which I'm quite tempted to treat myself to. Both colours are currently just £10-11 in the sale, and available to sizes 12/14 to 28/30. I'm between two of the dual sizes, so I sized up to the 20/22. It's a little loose on me, so I'd say it's pretty true to size. 

I wear cardigans almost every day, so I couldn't do a knitwear post without including one! They are a wardrobe staple, after all. I was drawn to this bold heart print cardigan* the moment I first saw it; I'm not much of a pink person, but the amazing heart print won me over. It's exactly my style.

When I picked it, I was expecting a run-of-the-mill cotton cardi, so I was surprised to discover how thick and warm the fabric was! It's made from acrylic, but it feels just like a thick wool jacket. It's the perfect Winter cardigan to wear with jeans and dresses without freezing to death! When I took this photo, it was barely above freezing, but with this cardi on I was comfortably snug outside in the bitter air- and I only had a thin chiffon dress and leggings underneath! The quality of the fabric is incredible for the original RRP of £20, and it's even better now that it's on sale for a purse-friendly £15! The cardi is available in sizes 12-32, although I think it could cater to a couple of sizes larger, too. I got the cardigan in my usual cardi size, but as you can see it swamps me. I'd say it runs about two sizes big, so size down at least once, where possible. If you're looking for a statement cardigan this January, I highly recommend this one.

The third and final piece I chose was the popcorn-knit love jumper* by JD Williams, which has got me out of dresses and in to my first pair of trousers in about two and a half years! Yes, really! Do not adjust your screens; this really is me wearing something other than a dress! Hello, jeggings; it's been a while!

This jumper features a textured 'love' motif made from yarn and eye-lash knit, which I think is really eye catching. I love the design! I'm not usually a fan of clothes that have large words or logos on them, but this one is really tasteful, and I don't think you can ever go wrong with a chunky cream knit over a pair of dark blue jeans or jeggings. 

What sets this one apart from all the other cream motif jumpers is that it's a popcorn knit. I had never heard of a popcorn knit before I saw this jumper, so this one is a whole new experience for me. After doing my research, I learnt that a popcorn knit is made up of lots of clusters of stitches that give it a bumpy texture and look like little flat bobbles. The stitches have been spaced quite far apart for this jumper, so it's got quite an open weave, and isn't completely opaque- although you can't really tell in my photo. You can see my bra and skin through this jumper, so you may wish to wear a top underneath to protect your modesty and / or to keep you warm. It doesn't hold the heat in as well as most chunky knits.

I'd also recommend sizing down at least one size, if not two as it's very generously sized. I made the mistake of sizing up for an over-sized fit, but the jumper swamps me. You can't actually see just how baggy it is on me in the photo, but it's two or three sizes too big, and not in a good way. It's a shame as it's a gorgeous jumper and the right fit would turn this in to a winter staple, but it'll still be perfect for curling up in to relax with a good book on a cold winters day. This knit comes in sizes 12/14 to 32/34, and is priced at £35-41, depending on size.

So, that's just three of the lovely pieces in JD Williams current knitwear collection. If you'd like to check out what other knitwear they have to offer, you can find their full selection of women's knitwear here. The brand stocks a fantastic selection of fashionable knitwear in sizes 8-36, and with almost 400 pieces in their current selection, there's likely to be something for almost everybody.

Have you bought any new knitwear lately?

*JD Williams provided me with the featured knitwear in exchange for a review. As always, all words, and opinions are my own.


  1. I love that poodle jumper. It looks so great on you (and so do the other two outfits!) xx

  2. There are some lovely outfit posts here Louise. I love both the jumpers on you, I always find jumpers hard to wear for some reason, but I LOVE them on others. I like you am a big cardi girl so I do love that cardi, I could totally see myself wearing something like that!

  3. I love the cardigan it's very you and it's a super cute print :) im also loving you in trousers ! Xx


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