Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Favourites #107

Hey guys,

It's Sunday, which can only mean one thing over here at Polka Spots and Freckle Dots: time for some of my favourite images and links from the past week. Enjoy.

This colourful house is so beautiful. I wish it were mine!

This incredible photo is of a rainbow- taken from above!

This is such a fun manicure.

Sasha Unisex never fails to amaze me with her stunning tattoo designs. The foxes are gorgeous.

Kit foxes are so bloody cute!

Monty the cat was born without a nasal bridge bone which is why he has such a unique face. I think he's absolutely adorable! Can he come live with me??

I wish sunflowers really came in this shade of pink; they look so pretty.

This rhubarb tart looks delicious.

I love this little office space.

There's something I find really interesting and pretty about this collection of pumpkins.

I love this ombre pink and purple braid.


A work place built a wall out of lego to divide up their space! How cool is that?!

This embroidery picture is so cute!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Did you hear, New Look are pulling their plus size range "Inspire" from over 250 stores?! Leah wrote a fantastic rant about it, entitled "New Look- why?"

♥ Leah also wrote an enlightening post about the pros and cons of living with Chronic Fatigue.

♥ How to find your skin tone by Fair and Flawless.

♥ Kaelah's Found On The Beach collages are so fascinating.

♥ I enjoyed reading Whippy Cake's 28 Random Acts of Kindness post; so inspiring!

♥ I also read and was inspired by another random acts of kindness post, this time by Kristi's Chaos, who performed random acts of kindness on her 40th birthday.

And I also got lost in a bunch of fun nineties "blast from the past" style posts...

♥ These 10 90s British children's TV shows will have you nineties kids pining for childhood! I was obsessed with Byker Grove!

♥ 15 stationery items all 90's children wished they owned. Life wasn't worth living without coloured scented gel pens and troll doll pencil toppers!

♥ 15 of the worst 90s fashion trends you hope you'll never see again. Except I've seen one or two mood rings popping up in accessories collections this year!

♥ 21 things no self-respecting 90s school girl ever went without. I couldn't live without tattoo choker necklaces, mood rings, hair mascaras, and hair glitter. I have an old band scarf from 1999 that still has hair glitter all over it! That stuff would go everywhere and never seemed to come off!

♥ These 25 books will take every nineties kid straight back to childhood! I loved the Animal Ark books, and anything by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl. 

♥ 25 toys all nineties kids desperately wanted for Christmas. It was all about the Polly Pockets for me.

and finally,

♥ 28 important life goals we all had in the nineties. I was certain I'd go on Fun House, do a better job then everybody else, and win!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.



  1. I've seen so many photos of Monty - isn't he adorable!

  2. I bloomin love your round up favourites posts! So cool! You find so much funky stuff. I love that house and the foxes are adorable! I bought a fox jumper and fox tights this year, really can't get enough foxy stuff!! I LOVE the nineties things!x

  3. I love your Sunday posts xxx

  4. Awww, Monty is a cutie! Thanks for my links. Those ROAK posts made me well up. x x


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