Friday, 7 November 2014

My Hair Clip Collection

Last week I tidied up my hair accessory drawers for the first time in my life, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give you a little peek at some of my hair clips.

I didn't realise I owned quite so many hair clips and grips! The bad thing is, I don't wear any of these hair clips- or any hair clips, for that matter- on a regular basis. By the time I've dried and straightened my hair, I'm happy with my locks as they are and seem to forget about accessorising. I need to mix it up from time to time.

I seem to have acquired more bow clips than anything else! I love them! I bought about a dozen of them from a boutique in New York a few years ago, reeled in by gingham and polka dots. I regret nothing! Some of my other bows are from Cath Kidston, New Look, and a giveaway I won on Rachel's blog last year.

I love these cute strawberry clips from Cath Kidston. They were actually aimed at children, but I found them too adorable to resist.

These floral hair grips from Accessorize are some of my favourites.

These black and white flower clips look so early noughties! I must have bought them more than a decade ago! I can't actually remember ever wearing them, though...

Also, how pretty are the yellow felt flower clips I won in Char's giveaway?

So, that's my pretty little hair clip collection. I love it because it's mine!

Have you got a hair accessory collection to rival mine? Do you own any of the hair clips shown in these photos?



  1. I literally have 2 draws full of hair accessories that i try and wear as much as possible. I am a bow addict. Those strawberry clips are adorable x

  2. I have a basket of hair accessories but I don't seem to use them much - must make an effort!

  3. I've got stacks and stacks of hair accessories, many, many headbands in particular and a few clips.
    Your collection is beautiful! Fun post too. X

  4. I have a few hair accessories my bones are my favourites tho! Xx

  5. When I lived in Korea I used to wear hair bows and clips ALL THE TIME! But living here in Wellington its so windy, I rarely wear them any more as my hair gets blown around so much :(

  6. Oh these are so lovely, I'm the same too though I don't wear my hair accessories half as much as I should! xx


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