Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ciaté Mini Mani Month Nail Polish Advent Calendar

If you read my posts over the weekend, you might recall that I blogged about Ciaté's Mini Mani nail polish advent calendars. 

In the post, I shared a few links to discounted versions from previous Christmases, one of which I had just ordered for myself. I chose one of last year's calendars (which was also the cheapest), and kept my fingers crossed that the nail polishes would still be usable all these months later. For £16.95, I was prepared to risk it.

Well, my order arrived yesterday in perfect condition, so I wanted to give you a little peek and share my first impressions of it.

The calendar came presented in a thin plastic sleeve in glistening, brand-new condition. There was not one single scuff, tear, or dent to the calendar, and absolutely no sign of fading. If I didn't know better, I would say it had just rolled off the assembly line earlier that same day! 

The box of the advent calendar features a blue, green, white, and red fairisle design, which I love. Few things scream "Christmas!" more than a fairisle print! In size, the box is just a little shorter than A4, and it's about 1.5 inches thick.

When I first saw the words "calendrier manucure" I thought the calendar was either a fake, or a second (because of the typo); then I realised it was actually the French translation! 

The back gives you a preview of the presents you'll find inside as you count down to Christmas. It includes 21 mini polishes, 2 caviars. 1 full size polish, and a funnel (for applying the caviar beads). There are both English and French descriptions on the box.

The calendar opens up like a book, to reveal twenty four windows is primary green, red, and blue. The numbers are big and clear, making it easy to find the right number each day, even if you don't have perfect vision. Even I can see the numbers with my glasses off!

I'm sure you're wondering about the condition of the nail polishes; that was my first concern, too. The box opens at the top on both sides, so the first thing I did was open one side to find out.

And... I'm happy to report that the nail polishes are perfectly pristine! None of the polishes have dried up, or turned gloopy; nor have they started to separate. They look brand new, glossy, and more immaculate than most nail polishes you'll find on the high street! There's nothing to suggest this set is old or past it's use by date. It looks 100% brand new. 

In my opinion, the Mini Mani Calendar is worth it's weight in gold, and is completely worth the £16.95 price tag that All Beauty are selling them for; a saving of around £33! It's a fantastic bargain- especially when you consider that this year's Mini Mani Manor calendar costs £50! I know which option I prefer!

All Beauty also offer free standard delivery in the UK, and I managed to gain more than a £1 in cash back on my order by shopping via Quidco, which makes the advent calendar practically free!

I'm very impressed with my Mini Mani Month advent calendar, and I can't wait for advent to begin so I can start opening the windows. I'm looking forward to trying out a new nail polish every day in the run up to Christmas, and I know they will keep my nails looking pretty for the entire festive season!

Now I've finished the post and returned to the website to link back, it appears this advent calendar has sold out, but there are two other Ciaté Mini Mani calendars still available from £19.20 here. I really should have checked that first! Sorry guys!

Will you be treating yourself or a loved one to a Ciaté Mini Mani Month advent calendar this Christmas?



  1. Aw I don't like that it tells you what you're getting before you open the doors haha! Tut tut Louise opening it early! ;) I understand you'd want to check the condition though but you've got self restraint waiting now until December, to be honest I'd have thrown away the packaging and be playing with them already! :D What a bargain xxx

  2. This blogging lark is bad for my bank account. I've just bought one of the other ones! I doubt I'll be waiting until December though ;-) x

  3. I'll be honest, I can't accept December yet!! I just can't haha! but this is a lovely set of nail polishes, and a great idea, (I can't do it though, 3 daughters = about £60! gasp!) x xx

  4. This is wonderful! I'm all spent out, but I'm sorely tempted. x x

  5. Yay I'm glad it came and you didn't have any problems with the polishes I can't wait to see you rocking some of the colours xx


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