Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesday Wish List

Hey guys,

I've got some amazing pieces to show you today. I'm sorry there's not a wide variety of brands this week; I had to put the images together over the weekend before I'd had the chance to do much window shopping. 

I sent my laptop away for repair or replacement on Monday, something which is long over-due- the cooling system is buggered and it's been sounding like a VCR on rewind for about a year and a half... I'm using my sister's laptop this week, so I don't have my usual resources. I'm not sure when I'll get my laptop back, but I'll be able to use my sister's until next Monday or Tuesday when she gets back from her holiday. I'm going to do my best to line up some posts, but if I disappear for a while from next week, you'll know why! I will have a few Sunday Favourites posts scheduled for you, just in case. There are so many things wrong with my laptop that I'm just hoping they'll give me a replacement this week and be done with it! Fingers crossed normal service will resume soon!

Anyway, who'd like to take a peek at this week's wish list?

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I adore these cute pin up inspired knitted jumpers from Collectif. I'm not sure if you can really see them here, but these Annie Cherry Tops have openwork cherries all over the bodies! I think they're gorgeous. I'd wear them over dresses, but they'd look amazing with jeans or fitted trousers, too. I can't decide which shade of red I like best.

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I'm in love with Collectif''s selection of pin-up cardigans. The  embroidery and attention to detail on each one really sets them apart from the standard colour-block cardigans every other clothing brand makes. 

I had to buy the Lucy Tropical Toucan Cardigan the moment I saw it; I'm not really a pastel pink person when it comes to fashion, but the toucans applique on each shoulder were too cute to resist. How often do you see toucans on a pretty piece of clothing? It arrived today and the quality of the fabric is fantastic; the cotton is lovely and thick. Going by the size guide and the fit, their knitwear seems to run a size small, so the 18 I ordered is more like a 16. The size is nicely fitted unbuttoned on me, but I wouldn't be able to wear it buttoned. I'd advise sizing up if you can. The cardigan is on sale for under £10, and the largest size left is an 18, which I think might fit up to a size 20-22. Most of Collectif's clothes go up to a size 22, though, so there are lots of other options to choose from if you're a size 18-22 and want a better fit. I'd personally love to get my hands on all of the other designs in this collage, but especially the navy cardi with the flamingo design.

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These Dolores Doll polka dot swing dresses from Collectif are absolutely stunning. A girl can never have too many polka dot dresses! Fact!

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These two swing dresses, also from Collectif, are also real beauties. I'm a sucker for gingham and cherry prints.

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Lindy Bop have had some gorgeous new dresses in this week, in equally gorgeous colours. The two Dottie tea dresses come in black with red spots, and red with black spots, and I love them both. I think the style is a lot easier to wear in every day settings than full-skirted swing dresses, and they'd be ideal for wearing for everything from work to lunch.

I also really want the red polka dot Hetty swing dress, which is now available up to a size 26!

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I love the shape of these two Tara swing dresses from Lindy Bop, which come in black and midnight blue. The colours are perfect for A/W.
Lighthouse print dress

This dress from Modcloth has lighthouses all over it! Come to Mama!

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How cute are these fast-food inspired bags? The Chinese take-away carton bag by Kate Spade is amazing, although a bit out of my price-range. The Eyes on the Fries clutch is from Modcloth, and it looks so bloody cute. I wonder what novelty bags they'll think of next!

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And finally... I love these studded wide-fit ballet pumps from Yours Clothing. I need some new flats in my life and I think these would be perfect for wearing all year round. I really want a pair of the black, but typically my size is the only one sold out online! Waah!

What's on your wish list this week?

Which of these are your favourites?



  1. That lighthouse print dress is so pretty!

  2. I LOVE all those cardis - I can never have enough cardis. Also Chinese take away box bag? Duh! Yes!

  3. I need a fries bag that's amazing! Xx


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