Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday Favourites #99

Hey guys,

I'm back with another Sunday favourites post. These posts tend to be super long, so why not grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up, and relax for a minute or two, while you (hopefully) enjoy this week's selection.

This polar bear tattoo water colour by Sasha Unisex is stunning.


This simple eye make up look is so striking. I'll definitely be giving it a go myself.


Such a pretty pastel kitchen. 

Laura Jane's Spring manicure is absolutely gorgeous.

I want purple hair like this.


All of these marshmallow treats look delicious.


I love the idea of hanging pretty fabrics in embroidery hoops up on the wall.


This is so me!

It really doesn't!


Best biker gang that ever lived? Probably!

These breath-taking, vertigo-inducing photos were all taken by "skywalkers"; young people who illegally scale some of the tallest buildings in the world to capture incredible, one-of-a-kind shots. They sure achieved that! More at the source.


This koala joey is adorable. *Insert Sheldon Cooper's koala-face here.*

This enormous elephant decided to use this car to scratch an itch... while the passengers were still inside! Eep! The possibility of being crushed to death by elephant must've been terrifying.

Stunning eye make up.

This looks so serene.

This photo of a walrus is amazing.

These photorealistic pencil portraits of animals are absolutely stunning. I wish I could draw like this!

Louise's Lovely Links

 Newly-wed Olivia from Wait Until the Sunset shared her advice for shopping as a plus size bride. If you want to know where to find plus size bridal wear, this is the post for you!

 Speaking of weddings, The Magpie Girl recently tied the knot, too, and her wedding looked so beautiful. .

 Sophia, The Tattooed Tealady, wrote an interesting post about every blogger's worst nightmare: Winter photography. Does it really matter if our blog photos aren't perfect? Sophia had her say.

 Vicky from The Curved Opinion wrote a brilliant piece entitled "Don't Be A Dick", in response to articles reporting that "fat shaming doesn't help fat people lose weight." Seriously; they needed a survey to work that one out?? Idiots.

 I'm sure you've all heard about the terrible fire at Manchester Dog's Home on Thursday night which took the lives of over 60 dogs. Around 150 dogs survived and have been relocated to another animal rescue centre. If you want to donate to the charity, a Just Giving page has been set up, which you can find here. 

 These shocking before and after photos of rescued dogs are both heart-breaking and heart-warming.

 40 photos that prove there are still good people out there.

 From mix tapes to Troll dolls; ten things we miss about the nineties. I really do miss mix tapes, and recording the Top 40 on to cassettes ever Sunday. There was an art to hitting 'stop' before the DJ talked to introduce the next song. Ah, memories!

 Here's a great list of 11 essential Stephen King books. I'm pleased to see that my favourite, "The Stand", has earned the number one spot. It's my all time favourite book, (tied with The Time Traveller's Wife), and I urge you to read it as soon as you can! It's an amazing read.

 How to care for introverts.

 These "magical forest paths" are absolutely gorgeous.

♥ 36 things you obviously need in your new home. I'll take a glitter staircase, please!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Oh my goodness! the elephant!! I'd have bricked it! and everything in the things I need for my home! apart from the separate bath tub, that's bizarre, cross contamination? what!! x x x

  2. So many pretty things! I love all the animal pictures in this post!

  3. The walruss has to be the cutest ever I love their whispy moustache xx


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