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Remington S1001GPV Vintage Floral Straightener Review

It's no secret that I'm ever so slightly addicted to polka dots, but lately I've taken my love of all things spotted and dotted to a whole new level.

I recently adopted a pair of polka dot hair straighteners! 

Yes, hair straighteners, of all things! Black and white polka dot hair straighteners with a pretty floral print to boot. They are without a doubt the prettiest straighteners I've ever laid eyes on. 

I came across the Remington S1001GPV Vintage Floral Straightener on ASDA Direct when my old straighteners stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I needed a replacement but I only had a small budget, and naturally the polka dots drew me in like a moth to a flame. 

As a hair-styling appliance they sounded very basic, but with enough features to do the job they were intended for. That's all I needed. Better still, they were just £15, but with an original RRP of £49.99!

I can't afford expensive tools like GHDs; instead I'll usually look for something which was originally moderately expensive but on promotion for much less, in the hope of getting the best quality gadget for my money. I've always used Babyliss straighteners but the pretty design urged me to give a new brand a try.

So, the Remington S1001GPV Vintage Floral Straightener is a beautiful-looking gizmo with the floral polka dot print covering the full length and sides of the straighteners. It's light-weight but sturdy, and about average in size for a full-sized straightener. It features two ceramic-coated plates, which are designed to offer a smooth glide and even heat-distribution over the hair, which they do, and I've found that they can easily straighten a couple of inches (in width) of hair at a time.

The plates heat up to a scorching 210'C within 30 seconds, although the temperature cannot be adjusted, which is unusual for straighteners these days. I've never bothered changing heat settings with any of my previous straighteners, so for me, one temperature isn't an issue. 210'C is super hot (I can confirm this because I burnt my neck on it last week- it hurt, A LOT!), and it ensures hair is straightened quickly in just one or two swipes of the plates. It leaves me with perfectly straightened, shiny looking hair every time with very little effort, and that's basically all I ask.

This straightener has been given 1.8m of cord, which provides some freedom to move about with it. It also features a swivel cord, which is not only kinder to the wiring but it makes it ideal for anybody who wants to use the straightener to curl their hair as well as straighten it. 

The straighteners come with a glossy hot-pink heat-proof case, which isn't anything special, but because it's heat proof, the straighteners can be stored inside as soon as you've finished using them- yes, even when they're still hot! I think this case will come in really handy when you're in a rush to pack a bag or leave the house. There's also enough room left over inside to fit a few hair-styling clips, which I like to do for convenience. 

Also included in the set is a small make up bag in the same vintage polka dot design as the straighteners. It's made from cheap materials (PVC?), but it's very cute, and fully functioning.

There was also a nasty, cheap cream corsage in the box, but it was so cheaply made that I threw it straight in the bin. It would've been a nice addition had it been on decent quality, and I don't quite understand why anybody would have included such a tacky accessory to an otherwise lovely set. I don't think anybody would want to wear it and it really cheapens the look of the set.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this Remington hair straightener, and I think it's excellent value for money. I'm not sure I would have parted with £50 for it, but  for £15 I'm one happy, satisfied customer. It straightens my hair beautifully and that's all I ever ask.

Sadly, it doesn't appear to be available with ASDA online at the moment, but it is available on Amazon here for just £21.95, which is still a great bargain.

Have you got a pair of Remington polka dot hair straighteners?

Which hair straighteners do you swear by?

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  1. I have ghd straighters but I can't actually remember the last time I used them, my hair drys pretty straight without so I tend not to bother xx


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