Saturday, 6 September 2014

New Additions to My Novelty Handbag Collection

It's no secret that I love fun, kitsch accessories; I add at least one to almost every outfit. I like my style to have a sense of humour, and one of my favourite ways to achieve that is by accessorising with novelty handbags. I love them!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you might remember reading about my novelty handbag collection a little earlier in the year. Well, since that post I've added another two novelty bags to my small but ever-growing collection; both purchased during late Spring or early Summer. I was hoping to debut them on the blog in outfit posts this Summer, but that never happened, so I've decided to just give you a little peek at them today.

Fruit designs were one of Summer's biggest trends, adorning everything from dresses to handbags. You couldn't visit an online fashion retailer or scroll through Pinterest without coming in contact with a few dozen fruit-themed clothes or accessories. It was A-OK with me; I loved the trend! 

I couldn't resist the lemon and orange wedge clutch bags that Accessorize, ASOS and New Look brought out, and I treated myself to the lemon wedge clutch by Monki (via ASOS) back in May or June. It was too sweet to resist. The design is so summery, and it goes perfectly with summer sun-dresses, but equally adds a statement when worn with a pair of jeans and a blazer. It's made from faux-leather, and the quality isn't bad for a £15 bag. It's no longer available, unfortunately, but New Look have a very similar clutch bag in orange, which is still available here and costs less than a tenner!

My other Summer handbag purchase was this quirky camera-shaped bag from Accessorize! Isn't it amazing?! 

When I first laid eyes on it in the Spring, I was immediately smitten with it and knew I had to have it. I mean, it's a handbag shaped like a camera; what's not to love? Sure, it's not the greatest-quality bag I've ever owned, and the top part is noticeably wonky, but it's such a fun accessory. It has a chain cross-body strap, and just about enough room for a few essentials. I wish it was a little bigger because it doesn't hold all that much, but who needs something practical when you can have a camera as a handbag??

The camera bag is still available online, which you can find here for £29.

You can also read about the rest of my novelty bag collection here, if you'd like to.

Do you have either of these bags? Do you like novelty handbags as much as I do?

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  1. I do like novelty bags!!! I have a jump out of paper bag and an R2D2 handbag and a book clutch. I DID buy a lovely watermelon satchel this summer in Asda but accidently left the carrier bag behind and some Wretch took it and my cat print blouse! Grrrrr!!! X

    Off to look at your collection link. These ones are CUTE! tempted by the camera like I was when I saw Char's!! X

  2. So so cute! I have no novelty bags (boo!) so posts like these always make me want one of my own. Especially the camera one! How can I call myself a photographer and not have a kitschy camera item? I look forward to seeing your collection grow too <3

  3. I love novelty bags. My first one many years ago was a Bagpuss back pack complete with 4 legs and a head, and my last was the doughnut clutch bag from New Look. I'm sure there will be more. :) x x

  4. I love them both but especially the camera bag it's too cute xx

  5. I really love your cute style, its important in life to not take yourself too seriously. These are both pretty cute - but I have to say the camera bag is my favorite xoxo


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