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Ciaté Mini Mani Nail Polish Advent Calendars 2014

With just over two months to go until the countdown to Christmas officially begins, the advent calendars are already starting to appear online and in store.

British nail care brand Ciaté have launched a new advent calendar for 2014, which is sure to send any nail polish fan's heart all aflutter; The Mini Mani Manor.

Ciaté Mini Mani Manor

The beautiful packaging has been designed to look like a dolls house, and behind the twenty-four windows are seventeen mini nail colours, five exclusive textured polishes, one full size paint pot, and one set of nail transfers. Be still my heart!

It would make a lovely indulgent treat for any nail polish enthusiast, and it's practically guaranteed to keep your nails looking  their best during the entire festive season- and far in to the New Year.

The Mini Mani Manor is exclusive to Selfridges and is available in three designs, currently retailing for £49. 

A little out of your price range? Keep reading...

I've been admiring Ciaté's advent calendars each Christmas for the last few years, but with so many presents to buy leading up to Christmas, I've never been able to justify spending so much on myself during the festive season. It's been difficult to restrain myself at times because I'm a bit of a nail polish enthusiast, and Ciaté's polishes are some of the best around, so when I found what I'm about to show you, it didn't take me long to snap one up!

1 // 2 // 3

The website All Beauty have some of Ciate's mini mani advent calendars from previous Christmases on sale for bargain prices starting at £16.95!

Sure, they're not the newest editions; they're not filled with up-to-date colours and new exclusives, but they're still filled with Ciaté's fantastic, high-quality nail polishes in beautiful colours.

As they're a year or two old, I'm not sure what the condition of the polishes will be, but I think if they've been stored in a cool, dry place away from too much sunlight, they should be perfectly fine. For £16.95, I decided it was worth the risk of finding out, so I purchased one of last year's calendars (number 1) the other night, saving about £33! I saved another £1 by shopping through Quidco, and the delivery was free! My order was dispatched yesterday and I'm looking forward to finding out if the nail polishes are still usable, which I'm sure they are.

I can't wait for advent to begin so I wake up to a new nail polish every day and count down to Christmas with beautiful nails!

Will you be buying a Ciaté advent calendar this year?



  1. Oh my goodness, they look amazing! I'm an absolute nail polish nut (why have I never heard of this brand though then?!) and I would happily trade one of my children for this year's offering ;-) (no takers though sadly). Please do report back with what the one you've ordered is like... if the polishes are okay then I'll definitely be investing in one of those bad boys!
    Paula x

  2. I love the colours of the polish but they are a bit expensive for me the less I spend on polish the more clothes I can have ;) xx

  3. These are the perfect advent calendars for you!!

  4. I love the Ciate Mini Mani Manor advent calendar, really hoping December comes quickly! I ordered mine from


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