Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Favourites #95

Hey guys,

It's Sunday again already, and you all know what that means; it's time for a new dose of my Sunday favourites! Enjoy!

I love these pretty eyeshadow colours.

I think we forget this far too often.

Nature can be so beautiful. (Whether this photo has been photoshopped or not, though, I'm not sure).

I'm in love with Kaylah's gorgeous hair! Those colours are amazing!

Doesn't Amanda from June Bugs and Georgia Peaches look stunning in her red dress? I love the rainbow coloured wall in the background, too.

I want to make this DIY strawberry garland!

I really like this lady's vibrant pink and purple hair and eye make up.

These graphite drawings by Malaysian artist Monica Lee are incredible. When I first saw the completed picture of the bearded man, I thought it was a photo! The attention to detail is truly amazing; I've never seen freckles captured so realistically before. 

We shall be different and we shall love our bodies!

This is the most adorable chinchilla I've ever seen!

These tiny animal embroideries created by illustrator and embroiderer Chloe Giordano are amazing! Most are not much larger than a thimble, which makes the attention to detail  all the more impressive.

These photographs taken by photographer and amateur surfer Clark Little are stunning. 

Yes, that's a guy planking on a tiger...

This made me laugh because it's so true!

I love this desk arrangement.


These GIFs of Robin Williams with Koko the gorilla are so heart-warming. I love that she asked him to tickle her!

A graffiti tribute to Robin Williams has appeared in Serbia!

Don't let anybody make you feel ashamed of your body!

I love this! I definitely inhabit the 'land of self checkout lanes' and the 'river of daydreams' on a regular basis!

Louise's Lovely Links

♥ Leah wrote a brave and informative post about depression, mental illness, and suicide in light of the tragic suicide of Robin Williams earlier this week: Robin Williams, Suicide and Knowing You're Enough: Her post includes an extensive list of helplines and websites you can turn to for help, should you need it.

♥ Fox television presenter Shep Smith disgracefully called Robin Williams a coward for committing suicide this week, which was not only insensitive and inappropriate, but a completely misinformed opinion about mental illness. If you'd like to sign the petition calling for Fox to fire the presenter, and educate their staff about mental illness and suicide, you can do so here.

♥ Robin Williams once secretly fulfilled a dying girl's wish. This is just one of the stories which has emerged this week, showing what a truly lovely, inspiring man he was.

♥ Gene Simmons tells people with depression: 'Kill yourself!' Gene Simmons, you are a nasty excuse for a human being. and I hope karma comes back to bite you in the balls.

♥ Here's a list of counselling and prevention resources compiled by Tumblr.

♥ We all feel alone from time to time, whether regularly or once in a while, so here's a list of 25 ways to feel less lonely.

♥ I'd also recommend you read these 50 simple steps for cultivating self love

Thanks for reading!



  1. Aww the baby chinchilla is the cutest! And those sketches are amazing xx

  2. Thanks for linking to me.

    Gene Simmons is a total knob! I watched the video of Robin Williams and Koko and it made me cry. I'd never seen a gorilla laugh before. It was lovely.

    The 22 things women shouldn't be ashamed of is brilliant! x x

  3. Those embroidered animals are amazing. SUCH attention to detail.

  4. That chinchilla is so great and Gene Simmons is actually the worst!!


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