Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday Favourites #94

Hi guys!

It's time for this week's Sunday favourites, so grab yourself a cuppa, put your feet up, sit back and enjoy!

This is such a lovely body positive illustration.

I love this kitchen! The floor is a great contrast against the pastel pink.

This room looks so cosy.


Just something to bear in mind.

This eye make up look is gorgeous. Those colours!

This macro photo of a hummingbird is so beautiful.

Sasha Unisex even makes skull tattoos look pretty.

This ice cream sandwich cake looks amazing.

I want to make my own edible confetti! (There's a tutorial at the source).

I love this lady's hair.

I want to make some mini candy doughnuts. They're made from chocolate and peanut butter chips, and are actually sweets, not real doughnuts!

I love this pineapple ring dish DIY.

This is so pretty. I love pansies.

And neither should you!

This lioness killed this baby baboon's mother, and instead of killing the baby, too, the lioness surprised photographers by playing with it! That is until the baboon's father bravely came to rescue it.

I love these 3-D beach drawings, created by four artists from New Zealand. It's hard to believe it's all an illusion.

I'm fascinated by these photographic inventories of soldiers' kits from 1066 to 2014. They're like a historical, military version of a What's In My Bag? post, but perhaps even more interesting. How on Earth do our modern-day soldiers carry all of these items around with them in the scorching heat?! The bullet proof vests alone weigh a ton.

When bioluminescence meets the cosmos.

This made me laugh because this is exactly how I act, and I know I've not even done anything wrong!

 And Some Other Things You Might Enjoy...

♥ Leah wrote an enlightening post about blogging with chronic illness. While I don't have a chronic illness and can't imagine what living with a chronic illness must be like, I do have spinal injuries that make life and blogging difficult, and I really related to her post.

♥ Tired of being told she doesn't fit the mould of social conformity, Vicky wrote a brilliant piece about breaking all the rules of society.

♥ This week Betty Pamper was the victim of body-shaming trolls, after a photo of herself in a playsuit was shared on Yours Clothing's Facebook page. Betty fought back, and Yours Clothing's released a message promising to ban anybody who leaves nasty, body-shaming comments on their page! 

♥ I loved everything in The Soubrette Brunette's Friday Favourites this week; so much pastel prettiness!

♥ The 9 most epic text pranks of all time make for a good read if you're after a giggle.

♥ 10 uplifting stories that will warm your heart. Stories 3, 5, and 8 particularly warmed mine.

♥ I read the 15 things not to say to someone with a chronic illness or invisible illness and found myself agreeing with the entire post. Please give it a read if you know somebody with a chronic or invisible illness; it could help you to understand what your chronically ill friends have to contend with every day.

♥ 16 unlikely animal friendships, because who doesn't love an odd-couple?

♥ The 35 most awkward engagement photos in the history of engagement photos are terrifying! I hope they sacked their photographers!

♥ What I Learned After Taking A Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping was a real eye-opener. It made me realise how lucky I am to live the life I do today, and that any of us could suddenly find ourselves in the same situation.

♥ I admire the lady who wrote the post "I've chosen dog motherhood instead of kids, and I'm owning it." We're not all meant to be parents to human babies, even if society still thinks it's everybody's aspiration to have babies and a picket fence because it's the right way to live.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post lovely! I love the "every day is a new start" So true and it is something everyone needs to remember xx

  2. I love the invisible illness post! So TRUE! Especially "x" thing worked for "x" person so you should totally try it. Whatever! Anyways also loving that Sasha Unisex tattoo! The soldiers inventory is just fascinating.

  3. Thanks for sharing my link! I loved the 15 things not to say to someone who's chronically ill. x x


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