Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Favourites #91

Hi guys!

It's time for another dose of my Sunday favourites...

Romana Rosales has created this colour-popping photo series called Outside The Lines, which shows women's legs from the knee down in a range of domestic disasters. Rosales idea was to create a humourous, and thought-provoking look at domesticity and to show the impact such accidents have on women in the home.

I'm in love with these gorgeous hair colours.

This is beautiful.

This tattoo is the cutest.

These banana split pudding pops look delicious.

I love both the style and make up in this photo.

This jellyfish art installation is amazing.

I love Ally's tutorial for her DIY flamingo lights. How cute?!

This eye make up look is stunning.

I love these pineapple nails.

And these pineapple cookies are adorable.

And what about this pineapple tattoo? I'm in love!

This is a great tutorial for victory rolls from the blog Broke and Chic.

This is such a cute photo.

These silly kitties.

I want to try this tutorial for styling pin curls from the blog A Beautiful Mess.

These puppies look like pandas! Gimme!

At a zoo in Idaho, this Elk rescued a little critter from drowning in his water trough!

A real-life Bambi and Thumper!

What I wouldn't give to be on this beach in Perranporth right now! Best place in the country. Fact! 

This couldn't be more true.

Works every time! Haha!

And Some Other Things You Might Enjoy...

♥ I stumbled up on yet another post about Japan's bunny-inhabited island, Okunoshima. I have to visit it one day! Knowing me, I wouldn't want to leave...

♥ This sweet dog makes a four-mile round trip every day to collect food for her adopted family and the other animals she lives with.

♥ After the death of his six-week-old baby daughter, a grieving father asked the Internet for help with photoshopping a photo of her... the response he received was incredible and so heart-warming.

♥ This is what it's like to watch Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the first time... I love Harry Potter, but this still had me in stitches.

♥ This tiny house is so cute!

♥ The most overrated places to go in London if you are a tourist is completely accurate. I've never understood the fascination with Oxford Circus. And Oxford Street, while awesome, is always stressfully over-populated. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT think about going Christmas shopping there in December. You won't make it out alive.

♥ The girl who's running an illegal library from her school locker to supply other students with banned books is my hero.

♥ 10 90's kids fads that should totally make a comeback. Polly Pockets! Pogs! Troll Dolls! The nineties was the best decade to grow up in. We had the best toys.

♥ 17 problems only people with dyed hair have. #4! My shower always looks like a murder scene whenever I rinse the dye out of my hair.

♥ 17 facts about boybands that will make you feel old. The crazy thing is, almost all of these bands have reformed over the last few years, so it's almost like reliving the 90s all over again!

♥ The 23 things every late night person will know to be true is basically the story of my life.

♥ 27 people doing amazing things for animals. It's good to know there are still some good people left in the world.

♥ I love most of these 50 insanely gorgeous nature tattoos.

and finally, let's end on a cute one...

Thanks for reading!



  1. I really loved that post about Tokyo - I went there maybe 4 years ago and it was amazing! Speaking of amazing, I found out about that rabbit island last year and now I am determined to go there!

  2. My countdown is on for this Sunday and I can sit with my girls and read your Serendipity post!!!! I am so excited! x x x

  3. Thanks for sharing our Victory Roll tutorial :) Also, great blog! I love your taste in dresses! I've always been a fan of vintage flair.

    xoxo - Amanda Raye


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