Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sunday Favourites #89

Hi there!

It the time of the week when I share my favourite images and links of the past seven days. These posts tend to be crammed full of great (I hope!) things, which will hopefully give you a good excuse to put your feet up for a few minutes, and relax with a cuppa! Are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin!

Zoe London's rainbow hair is amazing!

I love the green and blue eye make up look.

These geometric nails are so fun.

There was no description with this photo, but I presume it's from Holi Festival, which I'd love to see one day. All those colours!

I love this tiger tattoo from Sasha Unisex. I'm still not bored of her tattoos, but I'm sure you guys are! Sorry!

I love this lady's lilac hair.

This DIY Pretty Kitty Pumps tutorial looks super easy, and the result is so cute!

This no bake Strawberry Milk Cheesecake has to be the prettiest looking cheesecake I've ever seen.

This sweets table looks so pretty. I don't have any parties, gatherings, or celebrations to prepare for, but Pinterest constantly leads me astray with inspiration.

This quote speaks so much truth and wisdom. I should listen to it myself, but it's easier said than done.

I love Kaylah's fun manicure. They're nail stickers, but it would be fun to recreate with nail polish.

I'm in love with this tattoo!


So true!

These are probably temporary tattoos, but I think they'd make perfect permanent ones.

I want to have a go at weaving on an embroidery hoop!

Amelia and June from Junebugs and Georgia Peaches reviewed these stunning polka dot dresses from Le Bomb Shop earlier this week, and they look amazing in them! I'm in love with the dresses, and I'm quite tempted to make a purchase- they ship internationally, although I've not checked out the prices yet. Can anybody tell me how much custom charges might be on a dress or two from the US to the UK?

These squirrel monkeys have made friends with a capybara. 

There's something beautiful about this photo.

These photos of a lion cub playing in a pile of leaves are adorable.


Erez Marom's photos of Iceland In Winter are all so beautiful. Can you spot the frozen shark in the third photo? It took me a while! There are more photos from the series at the source, where you can read the descriptions for each one.

Our bodies are nobody's business but our own.

And Some Other Things You Might Enjoy...

♥ The Militant Baker wrote an interesting piece on The UPSIDE of the triple zero trend.

♥ Leah from Just Me, Leah shared her 10 plus size thrifting tips and also wrote a fantastic post about confidence as a plus size woman.

♥ Vicky from The Curved Opinion shared a blogging bucket list from Blog Clarity that I might just have a go at, too.

♥ Why is trendy plus size fashion so rare, especially when it's proven extremely effective? One writer asks and discovers why some designers refuse to do plus size (or even cater to anybody but the very slim), on the anniversary of Modcloth's super successful plus size range.

♥ There are some beautiful photos in the post 40 of the craziest, "restricted area" places on Earth. I don't know why, but I find abandoned and derelict places really interesting.

♥ 21 reasons summer 1999 was the most magical time for music. They're not lying; I remember loving most of this music!

♥ The 21 moments when kids get their spelling horribly wrong has been doing the rounds on Facebook, and it's hilarious.

♥ 20 of the worst marriage proposals ever. Really, guys? And they said "yes"?

♥ This little polar bear cub is adorable.

and finally I'll leave you with...

♥ This video of a horse who has learned to open doors and gates. It made me smile, so I hope it will brighten your day!

Thanks for reading!

Have a good one.



  1. Great list! I'm in love with those kitty shoes!

  2. Still my favourite post of the week, and I'll never get bored of those tattoos xx

  3. Beautiful post! My boyfriend went to Holi fest this year, if I could afford it I would have too! xxx

  4. Thanks for linking to me - twice! I'm doubly blessed. I love the naughty horse and the cute lion cub best. That infographic by Modcloth speaks volumes! x x


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