Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Wednesday Wish List

Hi there!

I've got a ridiculously long Wednesday Wish List to share today, and as it's half four in the morning and I've not been to bed yet, I'm just going to dive right in and try not to ramble too much.

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This week I've been coveting some lovely new mint green pieces. I don't suit pastel colours all that well, but mint green is one of my favourite colours and I find anything in the colour palette hard to resist. I love the toile swing dress by ASOS Curve and the bird print skater dress from New Look Inspire. And isn't the iridescent shell bag from Nasty Girl amazing?! I may need to add it to my novelty bag collection!
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Scallops are such a weakness of mine, and I got quite excited when I saw these travel accessories on ASOS earlier this week. They're so pretty! I love both the green and peach, but they also come in black if colour isn't really your thing.

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One of my favourite colour palettes during the summer time has always been vibrant orange, hot pink, and deep purple. I love to wear the colours together as they compliment each other perfectly (especially the orange and pink), but one colour at a time looks equally striking. I'm in love with the abstract pattern maxi dress from Lovedrobe, and it would look fabulous with both pairs of espadrilles, and perhaps the shrug for a little extra confidence. The Aztec print beach shorts by ASOS Curve have also won my heart, although I doubt I'd have the confidence to pull them off. Also, pineapple shoes!

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Summer wouldn't be summer without florals and fruit prints. They're are some fabulous prints to choose from right now, and these are a few of my favourites. 

I adore the lemon print dress from Simply Be, but it's sold out in my size, and I'm a little gutted. I really hope it comes back in stock because it's such a beauty. I already missed out on a similar dress from Sainsburys because I didn't buy it when I saw it, and when I went back it was sold out. I could kick myself.  I also love the ALDO lips cross body bag with a capital L, and I need it in my life! That bag is utter perfection.

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Speaking of perfection, I'm loving all the bold pops of colour that I keep seeing everywhere I turn. Bold colours are my favourite, and they're an instant mood lifter. Nobody could be miserable wearing a cyan blue tunic covered in palm trees, or a bright hot pink shrug! 

Bold colours look fantastic when paired with black and white, as the contrast really makes the colours pop, but I also enjoy mixing things up and embracing some monochrome now and then. I love the zebra print cami, the gingham midi skirt, and the beautiful scalloped blazer.

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I've been on the look out for some new PJs and discovered these cute sets. I need some cropped and short sleepwear as it's getting too hot for heavy nightwear and I keep waking up roasting, but the cherry print onesie from Yours Clothing has also caught my eye. It looks soooo comfortable! 

Dress // Crop Top

Georgina of Cupcake's Clothes has started selling some plus size clothes in her shop Dolly Darling, and I'm in love with the strawberry print gingham dress and crop top. Aren't they cute? They'd be perfect for picnics down by the river in the summer time.The clothes are made to order in UK sizes 20 to 32.

What's on your wish list this week?

Which of these are your favourites?



  1. Oh, that shell bag is so cute - would be perfect for the beach!

  2. I love this wishlist sooo much! The shell bag and Aristocats PJs top my wishlist :) xxx

  3. I enjoy window shopping! all very nice! Georgina's dress and top are beautiful, I do wish her lot's of success, she has an incredible eye for detail and design x x x

  4. I LOVE that shell bag with ever fibre of my being. I have those Yours lippie print PJs and they're very comfy but are made of basic t shirt material which has bobbled quite a lot. x x

  5. I love the shell bag it's perfect ! Xx


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