Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Favourites #85

Hi there!

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. As it's Sunday, it's obviously time for this week's favourites, and today's post is mostly rainbow-coloured. I had no intention of putting together a rainbow post; it happened accidentally! Most of my favourite images just turned out to be colourful ones this week, so this is the most serendipitous Serendipity Sunday post yet!

These works of art are all so beautiful.

Gorgeous lavender hair and make up.

I love this lady's purple eye make up and hair.


This rainbow leg installation is so fun! 

Perfect rainbow eye make up!

This background to Kate's fabulous outfit photo looks so fun and inviting. I want to go play dress up with her cute colourful accessories!

This tattoo design is adorable.

These cookies are so pretty.

This fabulous image is available on t-shirts up to a 2X and on lots of other cute things, too here.


Amazing origami street art in France by Mademoiselle Maurice.


These photos are of cats on California's largest no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary and adoption centre, and the incredible place has saved the lives of over 24,000 cats.


This happy little warthog!

Koalas caught spooning at a zoo in Sydney. Aww!

Beautiful tattoo.

Way to go, guys!

This is so heart-warming (and sad)!

Beautiful jellyfish.

I agree!

This is stunning.

This is such a gorgeous photo.

These #YesAllWomen images are reasons we need this hashtag in the first place.

Just taking the ducks for a walk... as you do...


♥ All the photographs on this page are absolutely stunning.

♥ I love Kate's watermelon themed wishlist.

♥ Photographic proof that all bodies are beautiful by The Militant Baker.

♥ This little girl's diary shows an imaginary friend gone horrifyingly wrong. If this is genuinely the work of a child, then I'm officially creeped out!

♥ This kind-hearted little boy created his own no-kill animal shelter in his garage. Heart melted!

♥ A six year old has drawn up a bucket list of things to do before she goes blind.  The little girl called Jessica has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Leber’s Congential Amaurosis, and will soon lose her sight completely There's a link in the article to a donation page if you want to help make her dreams come true.

♥ The dog that thinks she's a cat.

♥ The 13 tiniest and most adorable animals on Earth. The title is a little misleading as they're not the tiniest animals on Earth, but they are all small and cute.

♥ These jelly fish GIFs are mesmerising.

♥ Life lessons taught by a mother from her hospital bed. So much good advice.

♥ 30 amazing rare photos from the past you've never seen before. And yes, number seven really is terrifying!

♥ 13 famous historical photos brought to life with colour.

♥ How to turn a note in to an envelope.

♥ This strawberry Nutella tart looks absolutely delicious.

♥ Disney princesses reimagined as different ethnicities.

and finally,

♥ 25 weird things spotted on the subway.



  1. Lovely items as always! I love those flower artworks xxx

  2. There are some really amazing pictures here, and I love those #YesAllWomen posters - they're so scary and true in ways you don't stop to think about usually.
    Sian xx <a href=">Rebel Angel</a>

  3. How did they kill the clam? *shakes head* and also the infuriating truth of what we teach girls, yes I have had to talk to my eldest quite early on about never leaving her drink and not to accept drinks from strangers (I could go on.....) I love the cats at the sanctuary hanging out together, my 2 cats can be quite grotty with each other! x x x

  4. Absolutely love all the photos on here. They are so beautiful, each and every one...and some quite funny ones as well. Love the blog. :)

  5. Ok there's a lot of great stuff here - but that seagull stealing chips is the best!

  6. How cute is the warthog I love them! Xx


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