Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Favourites #88

Well hello there!

Who's ready for my Sunday favourites?

I love this lotus tattoo from Sasha Unisex. The colours and the shading are gorgeous.

I love this lady's teal hair and her aubergine co-ord ensemble is stunning. The photos are from Own Project: Equality Fashion which you can see more of on the French blog Big or Not Too Big.

All of these dresses, petticoats, and shoes need to get in my wardrobe!


Sasha Unisex's watercolour tattoo designs are amazing. I love the rose and the lotus flower.

These are the prettiest nails I've seen all year!

I adore Lu Loves Handmade's tropical food table. It would be so fun to recreate for a summer gathering, barbecue, or girls night in.

These strawberry cheesecake and vanilla malt Heart-Inside Macarons are adorable. They look like fancier versions of the Jammy Dodger!

A town in Costa Rica was covered in 8 million flower petals for a Sony advertising campaign. Aren't the results amazing? If only it were a natural phenomenon!

I found these works of art on Tumblr, but didn't manage to find out what the story is behind them. I just think they're beautiful.

These adorable baby beavers made me smile this week.

This chocolate chip strawberry shortcake recipe looks absolutely delicious. It's a pity I'm lactose intolerant! Sans cream for me!

I don't know what it is about beach trash photos, but they're so fascinating.

Pastel perfection.


A white lion and a white tigeress have given birth to the world's first brood of white ligers! Since the little guys have some colour, I'm not quite sure how that works, but they're so cute!

These tigers taking a bath...

Can this be my hair, please?

A stunning photo of the Aurora Australis.

This is very good advice that we all should be following.

I love this pansy tattoo.

These pretty kitties.

This temp tattoo is so cute.

Ain't that the truth!

And Some Other Things You Might Enjoy...

♥ I loved The Militant Baker's awesome 21 body positive tattoos and inspiration post.

♥ Betty Pamper wrote a fantastic post about the stigma of the word 'fat' and why she is reclaiming the F word.

♥ The Black Pearl shared her tips for stress-free blogging.

♥ Becky Bedbug shared 10 ways to deal with stress.

♥ A Primark shopper got more than she bargained for when she checked the label of her new dress. Are our fashion bargains really worth it when somebody out there may be paying the price?

♥ Why do twenty-somethings always feel so old? I'm turning twenty-nine this week, and the thought of it is making me feel ancient! 

♥ I'm fat and I'll eat whatever I damn well please. I once got judged by a colleague for eating cheese and was lectured about how unhealthy it was... I was actually eating a fruit salad of pineapple, melon, and mango! Why are we so critical of what other people are eating / putting in their trolleys at the supermarket?

♥ The 31 realest Tumblr posts about being a woman is absolutely brilliant!

♥ Here are some things you could say when someone tells you they have a mental illness. The advice in this post is spot on, and I'd recommend everybody reads it because the support could make a huge difference to a friend or relative living with a mental illness.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!



  1. The black and white kitties are so cute! x x

  2. The tea cup art genuinely blew me away! I can't even grasp how it was achieved, the effect is jaw droppingly brilliant - I couldn't believe the size of the white tiger either, and people sitting so close! I am not that brave! the pastel skirts and matching shoes are just beautiful and I could not mix chocolate with strawberry shortcake *gasp* never! haha! x x x

  3. The baby beavers and tigers were sooo cute! Going to be checking out some of your links at the bottom now xx

  4. The baby beavers have stolen my heart!! Xx


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