Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sunday Favourites #87

Hi guys,

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. I'm here to bring you a little Sunday inspiration, so put your feet up, relax, and enjoy!

I'm in love with this pretty bluebird tattoo. I'd love to get something like it one day.

I'm sure we've all said stuff like this at some point in our lives, mostly from ignorance. I know when I was a young teenager I was guilty of a few of these, before I fully understood what these different mental disorders actually were. There's a huge difference between these conditions and feeling upset, unintelligent, or tired; so be careful how you use them!

I want to attempt this fun colourful leopard print nail art look this summer. 

I never get tired of purple eye make up. This look is beautiful.

This is so true! I spent my entire childhood and teens whole-heartedly believing I was huge and so much larger than everybody else. I was embarrassed, ashamed, and so self-conscious of my body, and truly thought I was a hideous troll. Now I look back on the photos and can see I wasn't big like I thought I was,  I wasn't anywhere close to as big as I felt. I was just tall and had developed earlier than most. It makes me sad to remember how much those feelings plagued me. It doesn't matter what size a person is, whether we're thin or fat, most of us think we're big at some point in our lives.

I adore this lady's teal hair! Mermaid hair!


How gorgeous is this rat tattoo? I actually squealed when I first saw this tat on my Facebook feed. I'd love to have my two old bunnies tattooed at some point in Sasha's style.

I really love this ombre hair look. It's a shame my hair is way to dark for these colours, without bleaching.

Yes, they are! Every single one!

This watercolour tattoo design is amazing!

In Belgium, there's a gorgeous forest called Hallerbos, which is carpeted with bluebells every Spring. 

A Russian artist called Svetlana Petrova has created a series of art using her 22-pound pet cat, Zarathustra, which features the cat digitally inserted in to some of the world's most famous paintings! ♥ 

These bear cubs are absolutely adorable!

I could sit here and look at this GIF all day. The waves may be roaring, but I find this so calming.

Millie the cat is a mountain-climbing feline that accompanies her human, Craig Armstrong, on all of his hiking adventures! Read the story at the source, it's brilliant.

[Source] // Brian Mosbaugh

The view is incredible, but this person must be insane!

[Source] // Keith Ladzinski

This photo is breath-taking. I love how it shows the true power of nature, and how small man is in comparison. I doubt few people would come out alive if they tried kayaking through this!

This makes me smile!

This is so true.

There's no reason to kill animals for fashion when there are so many great faux alternatives available to us. Fur and skin are only fashionable on living animals, and a life should be worth more than a fur coat or a pair of boots

This homeless man awoke to find Christmas had been brought to him by a couple of Santa's helpers.

A lynx and a stray domestic cat have become inseparable at Lenigrad Zoo, after the cat wandered in to the lynx's enclosure for food. Make sure you head to the source and watch the video of the two together; their friendship is adorable! 

Would you believe these owls were born just two weeks apart? The bird on the left is a 7 week old Siberian Eagle Owl, the largest species of owl in the world, and on the right is a 5 week old Little Owl.

♥ The Temporary Secretary shared her photography tips for beauty bloggers.

♥ Mandy Leigh shared 50 blog post ideas which should cure your blogger's block!

♥ I loved Made By White's post about her visit to Bunny Island in Okunoshima. I so want to go there one day.

♥ Leah shared her ingenious tutorial for extending necklaces with no tools.

♥ Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield's message to the paparazzi was so inspiring. I love it when celebrities use their popularity and unwanted attention to help others.

♥ This video of two circus bears experiencing freedom for the first time after seventeen years of life on a truck is so beautiful and heart-warming. If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!

♥ The many joys of jelly shoes. Ah, blisters! Good times.

♥ 32 pictures that will change the way you see the world; a real feel-good post that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

♥ 29 photos of crazy people toying with death. The photos are beautiful, but these people are insane!

♥ These 55 awesome DIY photography backgrounds are a great source of inspiration for anybody who likes to get creative with their photographs and blog posts.

♥ Blog Branch wrote an insightful and helpful post on blog event etiquette

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and finally, I'll end on something funny...

♥ 15 of the dumbest patients ever. There are no words.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!



  1. The big cat being photo shopped into those paintings is incredible! Also I love that "ode to jelly shoes" post on buzzfeed:)

  2. wow, the man tight rope walking is mad!

  3. The mermaid hair is devine! Love those little bears too they are too cute xx

  4. Excellent post! You've made me reeeeally want ombre hair! xxx

  5. all beautiful! i especially love that tattoo! you don't see pastel colors like that in tattoos very often, but they look so beautiful on the skin in that photo. and mermaid hair is the best! i wish that i could dye my hair that color womp womp :(

  6. The feel good post had me weeping (happy, happy tears!) me relaying the stories to my husband mid-sniffle and wail - such beautiful stories of good, human character, it's good to see it! x x x

  7. Thanks for linking to me! The cat and the lynx are the cutest thing evarrrrr. x x

  8. Love this weeks post lots of amazing things xx


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