Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sunday Favourites #81

Hey guys,

It's that time of the week again...

I love this tutorial for balloon elbow patches!

Six amazing colourful eye make up looks.

Cobalt blue hair!

This tutorial for DIY killer comic book heels is pretty damn cool. And I don't even like comic books!

I'm in love with this manicure.

This no bake strawberry cheesecake looks delicious.

Pretty peony tattoo from Sasha Unisex.

This DIY cat stamp t-shirt is so cute... Sadly it's not linked to a tutorial, but it looks quite straight-forward.

This is beautiful.

Just looking at this marshmallow candy swirl cake is making me nostalgic.

This textile jellyfish art installation is the work of Japanese born, Iowa based artist Sayuri Sasaki Hemann, and titled "Underwater Flight." Isn't it gorgeous? 

This photo is so serene.

Unlikely friends.

Yes, that is an otter wrapping a blanket around its baby! Otter parenting done right.

This photo of people gathering water from a huge well in the village of Natwarghad in Western India is so powerful.

Beautiful rose tattoo.

The outfits worn in this 1950s American-diner inspired picnic photoshoot are stunning. So many fabulous dresses.

This little rodent clearly has a death wish.

This squirrel monkey and gold macaw live at a countryside hotel in Colombia, where they regularly play together. Here the monkey is hitching a ride to the top of a tree to avoid the 26ft climb! How cute?

These amazing portraits have been made out of crayons by artist Christian Faur. After scanning a photo, he breaks it down in to colour blocks, and then closely aligns thousands of coloured crayons to recreate the image. 

Stunning display of the Aurora Borealis.

This incredible photo shows the Earth rising from the moon.

The Northern Lights never fail to amaze me. So beautiful.


The heart-warming relationship between a man and his 1200 pigs. A photographer spent a decade capturing photographs of a Japanese pig farmer called Otchan, and the results are absolutely beautiful.

An artist called Gregory Kloehn goes "dumpster diving" and uses the materials he finds to build small shelters, like the ones pictured above, for the homeless! The shelters are about the size of a sofa, and are making a difference to the homeless of Oakland. What a fantastic and inspiring idea!

♥ Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista wrote a fantastic piece about mistaking social anxiety for snobbery, which I could really relate to.

♥ Vicky from The Curved Opinion spoke about the positive sides of social media in response to the Look Up video which has gone viral.

♥ I loved Amelia Jetson's Easy Victory Roll tutorial. When my hair gets a little longer I may just have to give it a try!

♥ There's something really fascinating about The Dainty Squid's beach trash posts. This week she shared an impressive find of rainbow coloured lighters. 

♥ The Temporary Secretary shared her fashion blog photography advice, a helpful read for new bloggers and established bloggers alike.

♥ Avril Lavigne showed up meet and greets for the sham they actually are.  Have you seen how awkward her fan photos are?! I would be gutted if I spent hundreds of pounds on a meet and greet for a minute with a favourite artist who clearly didn't want to be there. These people should've demanded their money back.

♥ 22 Things You're Doing Wrong. Hilarious, and helpful!

♥ Somebody please buy me this puppy! It's a Labrador / Basset Hound mix, and isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen?

♥ I love this tutorial for a DIY taco pinata!

♥ And this tutorial for a DIY cat stamp t-shirt.

and, finally,

♥ This GIF of a freaky looking water bear is equal parts mesmerising, fascinating, and terrifying!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love these posts I look forward to them and they are always awsome ! Xx

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I'm so glad you enjoy reading them. :) xx

  2. Aren't the nails amazing? I have just got back into doing my nails (although I'm left with 4 coats of glitter on my thumbnails, I can't shift it haha) the Japanese pig farmer is so heart warming, he's so happy also love the artist who makes mini homes for the homeless, what a star.........not a star, Avril Lavigne, oh dear x x x

    1. They are! I wish I could create something so complicated. Try soaking a cotton wool pad in nail polish remover and press it over your nails for a few minutes. It should lift off easily. Some people also wrap their nails in tin foil, too, which I haven't tried but it's supposed to work like a charm. The pig farmer photos really made me smile. What a lovely way to live. I agree the artist is a total star, but Avril Lavigne sure is not! xx

  3. That dumpster diving man is incredible, just shows how much people throw away that others could use!

    1. I think the artist is so inspiring, and it's incredible what can be done from all the unwanted stuff we throw away without a second thought. If only this could be done all around the world for people living on the streets. xx

  4. Thank you so very much for including me in your post and what a great post! Very inspiring all round, I found it an uplifting read! xx


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